The peloton in the 1998 Tour de France approach Pau
The long hot ride to Pau: the peloton in the 1998 Tour de France

Why another cycling palmarès page? Well, there are several pages on the web which list the winners of big races; however, they are nearly all answer the question, "who won the Tour de France in 1938?" rather than "which races did Gino Bartali win in his career?". Hence this page. There are other sites on the web which give the results of races, the most notable being Dominique Magnier's site, but the only other palmarès site I can find listing results rider by rider - apart from those dedicated to single riders - is Stefaan Degryse's excellent site, which provides career details for current riders in much more depth than this page. However, it does not cover retired riders, so in many ways it is a complementary site to this one.

Which results are included in this survey? Firstly, I wanted this list to be in some senses definitive, so I have only included races for which I have complete results. Secondly, so as to give at least an indication of comparibility across eras and across nations, I have not included results to a race of a given stature if I couldn't also include all races of a similar stature. The question of time to enter all the results also comes into it! Finally, I have only included victories, again largely for time reasons. Viewers who are interested in a more comprehensive listing are referred to the sites listed in my sources. Also, if you find the any mistakes or omissions, please send an e-mail to me at

In practice, then, that means the following races. Firstly the three big Tours, together with their respective points and mountains competitions and stage winners.

Next come a baker's dozen stage races of secondary importance, ranging from Paris-Nice via the Tour of Switzerland to the Tour of Catalonia - any race, in fact, currently ranked 2.1 or higher by the UCI, with the addition of the Tour of Holland and the Criterium Internationale. The now defunct Tour of Belgium, Paris - Luxembourg and Tour of Germany are also included.

The World Pro Road Race championship is obviously included. Additionally, I've included the World Time Trial championship, since to do so added no new riders to the list, but isn't in my mind as prestigious an event as the Road Race. For the same reason, and because they are so new (at least for professionals), the Olympic championships aren't included. The world hour record is in the list though, since its list of holders is an illustrious one.

picture of Henri Pélissier
Henri Pélissier on the start line of Paris - Roubaix

Then the classics, semi classics and national classics - another thirty races, but which can be summarised by saying any race that is currently a World Cup event, or currently ranked 1.1 by the UCI. Additionally I have included the now defunct Paris - Brest - Paris, Paris - Valenciennes and Bordeaux - Paris, which were certainly classics in their day.

Finally, I have included the winners of the various season-long rankings.

Some of these races (especially Paris - Tours, the GP des Nations and the British round of the World Cup) have been on some rather variable courses; details of the changes can be found under the appropriate race in the races section.

It isn't really my intention to try and produce some kind of definitive "greatest ever" type list, but rather just an alphabetical list of everyone who had ever won a big race; however, for anyone who is interested, my own all time top twelve riders and my reasons for choosing them can be found by following the link. I have also noted down my ideas on the notable British riders of the last forty or so years. The races page gives details of who has the best record in each race, which British riders have done well, and - as I get around to it - lists of winners and brief race histories. Then there is the exploits page, stories of the great races over the years. The current riders page is exactly what it says. And finally, so as things don't become totally serious around here, check out the riders' nicknames page.