Gino Bartali

Gino Bartali who died on May 5 2000, aged 85, was one of the greatest and most respected riders in the sport and also one of the last links back to the pre-war days of the sport, when the Tour de France was still ridden without gears, riders carried tyres over their shoulders and mountain roads were often little more than gravel-strewn tracks. In a career which spanned the Second World War, he rode against three generations of champions, starting with Learco Guerra and Andre Leducq, then against Coppi and Bobet, and finished his career as Jacques Anquetil was rising to prominence. This is his story.

Gianni Bugno

Gianni Bugno was one of the most stylish and gifted yet enigmatic riders of the nineties; sadly (for him) he chanced to come to prominence at almost exactly the same time as Miguel Induarin.

Claudio Chiappucci

Winner of several of the Italian Semi-classics, Claudio Chiappucci will be best remembered for his constant attacking in the Tour de France, and in particular for the spectacular victory at Sestrieres in 1992.