Text Box:  Roxy’s daughter “BELER”  -  Jetaime Elegance de Joyeau

Xanova Jeton Noir avec Chatmar 


Champion Je T’Aime Esprit D’Elegance (Roxy)

Born 29 August 2007

Roxy’s daughter Beler lives with  Alby and Irene and  Groenendael Tia by the sea where she goes for lovely long runs along the beach.


Beler is very elegant,  and full of the joys of life. She is very much like her Mum .


Beler has started agility training and  we wish her luck with  this .



Beler’s sister Anoushka

Beler’s sister Luna

Beler’s sister Jess

Beler’s Mum

Beler’s brother Spirit

Beler’s brother Jak

Beler’s brother Max

24th March

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