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 A   McLaren



 Roxy’s sister EMMA

International Champion Jetaime Esprit Du Futur


Anoushka’s daughter JANNEKA


Welcome to ’Jetaime’ where our dogs are our passion . . . . . .   We live high up on a hill in Surrey  and have owned Groenendaels since 2000 .  We are dedicated to this beautiful, elegant and glamorous breed.  All  our dogs , Roxy, Anoushka, Jazz and Savannah, live in the house as  cherished pets and are our family. We are Groenendael breeders  / Tervueren breeders of just  5 litters, 40 puppies, all of whom can be found on this website.  All dogs are health tested .All our dogs participate  or have  done so in agility . Valerie judges all  4 varieties of BSD’s & is on the Breed Club’s ‘A3’ judging list. Valerie is on the Committee of the Belgian Shepherd  Dog Association of Great Britain.    Valerie & Bob



2nd TOP U.K.  GROENENDAEL BREEDER 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014  -  BSDA of GB


Latest News 2015

Anoushka BB / B.O.B  Richmond Ch Show Sept 2015

Savvy Res BB  Richmond Ch Show Sept 2015

Savvy Res C.C.  Birmingham Ch Show Sept 2015

Spirit Res C.C.  Birmingham Ch Show Sept 2015

Spirit  C.C.  /  B.O.B. / GROUP 3     SKC Ch Show Aug 2015

Spirit  C.C.   /  B.O.B.   WKC Ch Show Aug 2015

Janneka   Res C.C.   WKC Ch Show Aug 2015

Anoushka    Res C.C.  Bournemouth Ch Show Aug 2015

Spirit Best Dog and B.O.B. Leeds Ch Show July 2015

Spirit  C.C. and B.O.B.  E of England Ch Show July 15

Janneka   C.C.  E of England Ch Show July 15

Anoushka  Res C.C.    E of England Ch Show July 15

Savannah    Best Bitch  Windsor Ch Show July 2015

Spirit Best Dog / Best of Breed Blackpool  Ch Show June 2015

Rio Res BD     Blackpool Ch Show June 2015

Jess 3rd place ABC Novice Agility at Crufts March 2015 !!!

Savannah    Res BB    Boston Ch Show January 2015





Roxy’s daughter Jetaime Anoushka   a Elegance



Roxy’s son   JAK

Reserved: E-mail

SPIRIT UK Ch. Jetaime Etoile du Futur   

11 CC’s  8 RCC’s

Champion Jetaime Elegance





ROXY UK Champion

Jetaime Esprit D’Elegance 

5 CC’s, 13 Res CC’s


Roxy’s daughter


Jetaime Essence D’Elegance





Champion Jetaime Essence de Parfait

       K Buckley




Reserved: E MAIL


Past and future

Bob and Val  at Birmingham 2015 with brother and sister challenging for Best Vet in Breed. Won by Spirit handled properly :-) by Bob LOL