Rocket's Unicycle Page


Hi there. This page is mostly about unicycling. My name is Jonathan Marshall aka Rocket because when I'm not unicycling I'm earning some cash as a Spacecraft Mission Analyst and Propulsion engineer at EADS Astrium.

My main interest in Unicycling is Hockey, that's me above left. If you're looking for a great way to increase your unicycling skills and have fun at the same time then you should definately consider playing. Having to concentrate on the ball, and move to follow it, really helps to build up riding confidence. I play with the LUNIs in London. We're the oldest club in the UK and we try to play in all the national and international competitions that we can. We've been third in the European championships a couple of times and third in the world in 1996. If you're near London and want to give it a try then please get in touch.

Away from Hockey I'm also into Muni (offroad riding) and I'm starting to get more into tricks after a long time stalled on trying to learn to wheel walk.

You might think that a unicycle is a pretty simple thing without much variety. But No! Once you get into it you can soon end up with a pretty big collection. Here's mine.

We've recently created the Union of UK Unicyclists (UUU or U3) and I am a Director of the International Unicycling Federation.

Here are some good unicycle sites.

Apart from Unicycling I'm also learning slackwire.

Jonathan Marshall
Updated 21/01/2006