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Hi Everyone!
I have had loads of e-mails asking about the World Teams pages...
usually saying 'when are they going to be online??!??!' Well, I am writing a system that will allow people to add their own teams on the site, however, they will NOT appear online straight away, so as I can check them.....

On another note, I have stated development of a new updated version of the Virtual Bey-Stadium!
This version will (hopefully) allow you to battle an opponent (though not in realtime - that is beyond my programming skills!) and keep track of wins, losses and draws, it will then create a League table of everyone who is playing. The people with the highest win ratio (Wins to Losses) will be at the top...
PRIZES will be given for the BEST people who play!!
Watch out for that one soon!!

Keep on reading!
The Axeman