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The Far Isles Medieval Society is a group based in the UK for anyone interested in medieval history, and especially in the lifestyles of medieval people. We have our own 'guilds' to share knowledge of historical crafts, including needleworking (for our clothing) and cooking (for our feasts). We also have a school of arms and a corps of archers if you're interested in martial skills. Our style of historical re-creation is sometimes called 'first person re-enactment' because, instead of learning the Saxons did this and the Normans did that, we try to think in terms of what I would have done if I were there in those times. You start off by choosing a favourite place and time between about 500 and 1603AD and then you invent a character who could have existed there and then. This is your 'persona', and you'll make or obtain the appropriate clothes and equipment so you can take the role of that person within the Kingdom of the Far Isles.
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Bishop Ifor's Library

  Bishop Ifor's Library is a mixture of (very) old and (fairly) new material relating to the Far Isles.
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