New Guildmaster

Greetings from Robert fitz John.

From 21-FEB-1998, I have taken over the vacant post of Guildmaster of the Guild of Armourers.

I hope this will not meet with diapproval from any of the members of the Guild. If it does, please let me know.

As I am only an Apprentice (about 2/3 of the way to becoming a Journeyman) and I don't have the tools and materials required for making armour and weapons, I'm aware I'm not the ideal candidate. (But then, Paul de Gorey is a hard act to follow!) If someone better qualified wishes to take on the job, I'll be very willing to abdicate. Alternatively, if anyone is able to help out with workshops, materials, etc., but doesn't want to do the administration, I'll be happy to support them. I can be contacted at:

I'm always willing to discuss armour and weaponry by e-mail, with members and non-members alike.

I have already prepared a home page for the Guild. This can be found through the Guilds section of the main Far Isles web site at:


or go straight to:

Your servant, Robert.

Guild of Armourers, Announcement 1, dated 22-FEB-1998.
This is taken from an e-mail sent to the Grimwood mailing list on the above date.
E-mail address and URL of web page updated 13-NOV-2000.

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