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red arrows adopt new paint job

The Red Arrows have recently completed their tour of the Middle East, and took the opportunity to launch their new paint scheme.  The new design is not a radical departure from the previous one, as the pictures below show.

New Red Arrows paint scheme The new Red Arrows paint job

The unveiling of the new paint scheme was on Wednesday 31 October 2007, prior to the departure for the Middle East on 4 November.  This change is the first change to the world-famous design since the Red Arrows took delivery of the aircraft in 1979, having previously flown the Folland Gnat, and being the first change for over 25 years, it's not surprising that the changes have not been met with universal approval.

Online fans and enthusiasts have expressed a dislike for the stylised Y and A, and some have said that most of the Red Arrows' fans would already know that the Reds are part of the RAF.  However, the new design does reinforce the Royal Air Force brand, which is probably the key reason for this change.