Anti-Tank Platoon, Germany. 1967

George Marshall, Ray Knight and Nobby Phoenix

D-Detachment's Gun's in the forest

It was a time of fuel shortage's so the Gun's where dropped off 

and drivers and Landover's with borrowed trailers spent the rest of the

week moving troops around. The Gun's where moved by Helicopter

Members of D Detachment on Exercise in Germany

Members of D Detachment on Exercise in Germany

supplied by:  Nobby Phoenix

Cpl Nobby Phoenix driving AV432

Tony Keetley acting as commander.

6 Platoon, B Company, Paderborn, Germany.1971

supplied by:  Nobby Phoenix

A Coy at Alanbrooke Barracks,

Paderborn, Germany. 1972

Heavy Weapons Company.1984.

supplied by : Tony Glover

Officers & SNCO’s  Escape & Evasion Exercise

Soltau  1985

Soltau Escape & Evasion Exercise.1985


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