Brian Woolner

Passing out Platoon of 1962/63.

I can't remember many of them. but the ones I do

are 2nd in the front row Fowler  4th in rear row Fisk

and 7th in rear row is Brian Woolner.

Freedom of Bedford parade


East Anglian Regiment


 Exercise in the Grunawald forest in Berlin

Some of 7 platoon in the NAFFI in Berlin.

they are from L to R. 

Ray Akehurst and Brian Woolner

? Rogers. Ferdy  Farrel. Brian Woolner.

in Wavell barracks Berlin

and leaning on the bar is Jock Keogh. {recce}
opposite Zigis Brockwurst stall.  I am afraid I can't remember the  rest.


   On patrol in Sheikh Othman


Wally Woolner on vehicle search The main mosque in Sheikh Othman,
at Check point Golf. {with mine detector} after the "Battle of the Mosque"
Radfan camp " B coy lines" Wally Woolner
on vehicle search at Check point golf.

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 courtesy of Brian Woolner