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The only information about this machine was scribbled on the back of two photographs I was given. This said that it was a Tilling Stevens made for the Karachi Port Trust, India in 1920. Karachi is now of course part of Pakistan.

I had to draw up the plans for the model from this somewhat limited information. I could see why the wanted someone who could build models with a large smattering of imagination.

The finished model was built 1:12 scale and was 19"x7"x18" high. (475x175x450mm)

I had assumed crane had been build on a Dennis chassis but have recently found out, via the Internet, that Tilling Stevens was in fact a manufacturer of heavy goods truck beds.
( More details below.)
The vehicle was petrol- electric the petrol engine driving a generator below the cab which then provided all the power for the crane and truck motion.

The light weight construction of cab and crane obviously designed with the heat of the tropics in mind.

Compare this with the illustration from the time for a crane obviously meant for the UK market where keeping the weather out was more of a factor.

Founded at Maidstone in 1897 as W.A. Stevens, a petrol-electric vehicle had been offered by 1906. An important customer Thomas Tilling who had many omnibus interests took over the firm and it became Tilling Stevens, chiefly to produce petrol-electric omnibus chassis.

In addition to buses and coaches the company produced a 2 ton and 4 ton goods chassis available with either petrol-electric or conventional petrol engines. Many trucks were built during World War I, the company then reverted to normal bus and truck manufacture.

An example of this vehicle can be seen (right)

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