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"1960 - 1998" DOWNLOAD OR VIEW

At long last have finally managed get round round to updating the final years of Coles

This has been a long project and I have made it into a PDF Book form to follow on from the "100years" book. It gives a more detailed breakdown of the last years of Coles and answers the why and how it failed and eventually closed.

The Book can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the cover picture to the Left. -- It will open in a new window displaying in Google viewer, you can read it here (not as good in quality as Acrobat) or use the file menu on the viewer to download a copy onto your computer then read in Acrobat (the downloaded file is better quality viewed in Acrobat)

Version 1a
Update (a) 15/1/12 cover size adjusted.

This is a 8.6 MB file.

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