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In 1979 Coles decided to celebrate the centenary of the firm by making a book about its own history. This was basically publicity material which would be given to customers buying cranes.

Now some twenty five years on this book is somewhat of a rare item. It is however quite a good book and is a fairly definitive history of the firm upto this date.

The book is full of pictures and asides about Coles related things.

At long last we have finally managed to get the whole book in PDF format so you can download it. Select the Icon to the left to go to the download page which will let you download this book whole book in full colour in PDF format.

Below is the main history of from the book in plain text that deals with the history of Coles.

Due thanks all the people who worked there at the time and helped in producing this history.

There were five relevant chapters from the book each of which can be assessed through the links below. It is all text so very wordy for computer reading but there was not much padding so very little that could be cut.

The final chapter is not from the book. This takes the story on from 1979 and is about the final demise of Coles.

(select on chapter link for text)

Chapter 1 - The Founder - 2 pages

Chapter 2 - Common Threads - 2 pages

Chapter 3 - The Early Years - 2 pages

Chapter 4 - The Derby Years. 1898 - 1948 - 3 pages

Chapter 5 - Crane Makers to the World 1939 - 1959 - 3 pages

Chapter 6 - The Telescopics Arrive 1959 - 1972 - 2 pages

The final Chapter of the story is not from the book

Chapter 7 - The Decline and Fall of Coles 1971 - 1984 - 2 pages

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