(UPDATED 11.3.2011)   

                                                                   Aviation Enthusiasts Please Read   The Notes  (very important)        

Hampshire Police And Tag Aviation have Introduced a Watch Scheme at the Airport  :  Farnborough Police\spotters  ID scheme full Details  click here


  Farnborough airfield There are currently no areas open to Spotters care must be taken when close to the airfield perimeter fence there are police and security patrols. The Slough estates area is Private building Site but you are permitted to use the new Road footpaths only . do not take or park a vehicle on the Site. The Bae-sys area previously enjoyed by spotters is closed permanantly. South 1 apron as was no longer exists . South 1 (new) serves BAE-SYS flights only. TheTag aviation Ramp is Now NORTHSIDE there Are no viewing facilitys (see the maps.) There is a new carpark near South 1 . This is security covered and permission must be obtained from Security to park there WATCH MEMBERS ONLY.               Note:  You must Sign in and out . Vehicle must have Watch Sticker on  you must have your ID Badge

At weekends you may be able to View from the FAST Museum area on the A325 This musuem is open SAT\SUN only at present. I have no information as to whether permission is reqd to Spot from this Area.


   Visiters to Farnborough for Airshow and General viewing may like to try the Two locations notes

1 The Swan Hotel A325 farnborough  has always been a very populer spot during Airshow weeks but other times its very good for arrivals on 24 . Caution do not park in Rae rd by the side of Pub. park in Pub car park only if you use the pub we want to stay friends with Staff (a very Spotter friendly Pub) normally you will get no trouble from police as long as you do not obstruct the Footpaths or Roadway (SBAC show lorrys use RAE Road. The swan has recently had a major Refit and has a rear area overlooking the runway

2  Dairy gate (show main entrance for pedestrians)  :close by is the Entrance to the Aviator Hotel  please be Carfull parking Do not park in Hotel carparks without Permission .Security Staff are present at All Times  UP DATE  : STAY WELL AWAY FROM THE HOTEL AREA AND THE CRASH GATES .SECURITY DO NOT WANT ANYONE NEAR THERE PROPERTY . Best to stay by the Fence line

Dairy Gate' is on the A325 Past The Swan' pub, only further down the road towards Aldershot. It is immediately before or after if approaching from Aldershot direction) the housing development. Snags are really the same as for Fleet Rd (I gate) you might be quizzed by Police. You are still  a long way from the aircraft so heat shimmer will be a problem on sunny days,

NEW NOTES   07/02/2009

BUSES for DAIRY GATE AND FAST from Aldershot or camberly area  including Farnborough station Frimly

Take the NUMBER 1 to the Alexandra road POST office cross over and walk down sideof post office to the A325 this brings you level with Dairy GateWalk past the hotel to FAST .From Aldershot get off Near post office and walk down side to A325 cross over To Dairy Gate walk past hotel to FAST.

Bus runs Every 10 minutes : The Museum is very friendly always good for a chat. Viewing FAB walk round back of Blister Hanger to get good view of east apron and 24 line up it should be good for 06 departures. For 24 Arrivals stand inside by the top of the ramp leading to museum caution vehicles in and out. Refresments at the SWAN Are very Expensive and you must be proper attired unless thereattitude has changed no trainers or Jeans.Parking is limited in RAE Road by the Museum  not even sure you are supposed to park there .do not park in SWAN Carpark unless you are a custumer they will charge or CLAMP.

On leaving the Museum cross the A325 and walk down CHURCH road to alexandra road Turn left the bus stop is 50yds down Near Albert Road for farnborough Town center or Camberly or cross over for buses to Aldershot

Watch members do not forget your ID card .

IMPORTANT At DAIRY GATE DO NOT STRAY ONTO HOTEL PROPERTY THE NATIVES ARE VERY HOSTILE =======================================================================================                   

         The Area around fleet foad where the bend is close to the Canal is EELMORE Bridge You can view from there but best on Foot parking is very limited and there is eelmore Crash gate do not obstuct these gates. The local police are very friendly some will even assist You with some information . please remember to leave no litter or climb on gates and fences  we the locals will still be here 52 weeks of the year it is us who Take all the flack and combacks

                                                          TAG AVIATION RAMPS ARE NOW NORTHSIDE

Northside farnborough is very limited viewing for spotters and the road up to Ivel gate and the Tag entrance is extreemly busy with heavy traffic at all times. the Ively Roundabout will have a Model Gloster jet on it very soon so this may  be worth the trip. Caution though at this point as the is also one entrance to DERA \MOD facility  take care where you are pointing cameras and taking notes . futher down is the Slough Estates industrial park as such is a building sight with health and safety regulations in force . No parking of any vehicles is permitted but pedestrians are permitted to use the Footpath adjacent to the airfield perimeter fence . there are Security patrols there 24 7  So do not Venture off the paths                                                       

                                                                                     FARNBOROUGH-AVIATION-GROUP (C)2008

                                                                      Farnborough Police\spotters  ID scheme full Details  click here



                                               BE WARNED THIS IS A SECURITY SENSITIVE AREA    



                                                Suspicious activity ? CALL the Anti-terrorist Hot Line - 0800 789 321

                                                 http://www.met.police.uk/so/at_hotline.htm or DIAL 999

                                                     Farnborough Police\spotters  ID scheme full Details  click here