What is it?

Danum Valley Field Centre (DVFC) is a world renowned scientific facility in the Yayasan sabah Forest Management Area, on the edge of the 438 sq km Danum Valley Conservation Area, the largest remaining area of undisturbed lowland dipterocarb forest in Sabah. The Centre was set up in 1986 for the purposes of research, education, training and wilderness recreation and is run by Yayasan Sabah on behalf of the Danum Valley Management Committee. Several overseas and local scientists as well as about 25 staff are resident at the Centre.

What's there?

Facilities include a Reception and Information Centre, Nature Discovery Centre, laboratories, conference room, library, computer room, hall, shop, dining area and badminton court. In the nearby forest are over 50 km of trails, a self-guided nature trail, a canopy observation platform and a suspension bride over the Segama River.

Where can I stay?

Accommodation comprises two vip rooms, 7 room rest house, a hostel which can accommodate 96 visitors and a camping ground for up to 20 people in the forest. Running water is provided; there is electricity from 07:30 to 23:00 hours and a public telephone.

What can I do there?

Forest trekking, bird watching, night drives and night walks, sun rise watch at "fire observation tower", slide and video shows, talks by resident scientist (normally on Monday evening), use of conference room for meeting etc., environmental education activities and programmes.

Who can go and how much does it cost?

Visitor category

A: Malaysian students

B: Malaysian adults (including foreigner married to Malaysian or with permanent residence)

B: Overseas long-term Royal Society scientists.

C: Overseas researchers on planning and supervisory visits and long-term researchers on Danum Valley Rainforest Programme.

D: Other overseas scientists, students and keen naturalists





Entry permit

Day visitors 2 4 10 20

Resident visitors 3 15 25 30

Transportation 40 40 40 60

(Return trip from Lahad Datu)

Accommodation (per night per person)

Vip room (chalet) 69 69 86 105

Rest House 17 35 46 80

Hostel 6 17 35 46

Camp ground 3 8 15 20

Full-Board (per day per person)

Breakfast 5 6 8 12

Lunch 4 5 7 10

Dinner 6 10 15 23

15 21 30 45

Forest Ranger [ RM5.00 per office hour ]

Please note that DVFC do not have Qualified Naturalists, the Forest Ranger that we provide for visitors so that they will not get lost in the forest. We also do not provide Forest Ranger throughout your visits at the DVFC. Should you need Qualified Guide then the best place to visit to would be at Borneo Rainforest Lodge (our sister's company).

[All bills to be made in cash (Malaysian Ringgit) before departure with the Reception Centre Clerk. A cash bill will be issued].


Where is it and how do I get there?

DVFC is located 81 km from Lahad Datu on Sabah's east coast. The journey takes about 2 hours and the first 15 km are along the main Lahad Datu to Tawau road; the remaining 66 km are on an unseal but well-maintained private logging road.

Transport is available between DVFC and Lahad Datu on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Visitors should be at our regional office by 3.00pm [Block 3, MDLD 3286, ground floor, Fajar Centre, Lahad Datu - about 300 m from Lahad Datu airport]. Visitors may also use their own vehicles after first obtaining a gate pass from the Lahad Datu office (RM5.00). On other days, charters can be arranged at a rate between RM250 (4 persons) and RM300 (9 persons) per trip, depending on the types of vehicle used.

The contact persons at the office in Lahad Datu office are /Ms Patricia Mobilik/Mr Mahdah Aripin, tel.: 089 881688/881092 <>

The contact numbers in Danum Valley Field Centre are 088 709100 and 088 709101.


For more information, please contact: -

Conservation and Environmental Section

Forestry Division

Rakyat Berjaya Sdn Bhd

9th floor, Wisma Innoprise

Likas Bay

P O Box 11622

88817 Kota Kinabalu

Sabah, East Malaysia

Tel: +6 088 326318, fax: +6 088 243244 or 432192

Rakyat Berjaya Sdn Bhd

MDLD 3286, Block 3

Fajar Centre

Jalan Segama

Lahad Datu

Tel.: 089 881688/880441 Fax: 089 883091


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