Wild Goose Island

Although most of The Shining was filmed at Elstree Studios, London, some exteriors were filmed in the USA

The outside of the Overlook is in fact Timberline Lodge, Mount Hood in Oregon*

Its interior was based on the Ahwanee Lodge in Yosemite Valley

The red bathroom was based on one in the Arizona Biltmore Hotel designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

The opening shot was filmed by McGillvray Films over Glacier National Park, Montana (see picture)

*New and further information supplied by Gordon Stainforth (First Assistant Editor and Music Editor on The Shining):

"The closer shots of the exterior were shot on the back lot at Elstree, as was the exterior of the maze.

The interior of the maze, in the summer, was shot at Radlett Aerodrome, north of Elstree, as was the shot of Halloran driving his snowcat past an overturned lorry in the snow.

The interior of the maze in winter was shot on one of the stages.

The Ballroom was not shot on a sound stage but in a converted warehouse at Elstree studios. Only Jack and Grady's dialogue was recorded on that set, all the other sound and music was added in the dubbing.

The blood coming out of the elevator doors was shot at the 'tank' at Elstree, which was outside, on the edge of the back lot."

Gordon Stainforth