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    Gathering of the Clans   

Well, Julie is my most immediate family, because we see each other every day - but she isn't well represented on this website (I keep trying to get her to start her own, with all the fabulous photos she takes, and the art, etc). Next time I get some free time, I promise.

 My son Keili - we both inhabit the absolute elsewhere - hoping to meet up again soon. 

My daughter Yo is back in the UK, with her daughter (my grand-daughter) Matilda.

I also have a wonderful sister - Julia Howard - who has four children of her own. Links to our parents can be found below. (Some tribe, this)

My dad did a pretty good 'enigmatic guru' smile.... Sheilabeautiful.jpg (33691 bytes)
My father was a puppet-master. Originally a wandering performer, he was later well-known as an inspired teacher and writer.  My mother was a singer and an actor who went on to teach voice - with rigorous professional teaching standards and several famous clients.

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A scattered clan? Yeh, I know, I know:    'Sacrifice is the code of the road'