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I was self-employed (outside 'the system') for well over 30 years, but now I work for my local library.   Libraries are the ancient and original information network, and I have spent hours, days, perhaps years of my life in them (as did my dad). They remain a future resource for information sharing and time-binding

Public libraries in the UK work on something similar to the freeware/shareware principle - they are there for anyone at all who wants to carry on learning through this ever-changing life -  it's a system based on sharing and trust, not profit or privilege. It  is because I think learning is the most fun you can have that I have always worked in a crossover between education and entertainment - and this is my current incarnation.

A while ago I moved away from working with the public, up into theBuster will remain my hero, with all his highs and lows....  computer 'control room'.  I help maintain the network of PCs used by the staff in all the local libraries. We also support the People's Network, with the brief of increasing public access to the Internet. We have installed dozens of new computers in the libraries in Cardiff, for the public to use - completely free, and with a fast connection.

Earlier I was an online tutor to the other library staff, bringing them up to speed, so that they can assist with, and monitor, public use of these new PCs.

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And  now, (thanks to working on this website, to learn how it is done),Click to go to my page of notes on websites and webwriting I have been reminded about an earlier incarnation of mine as a  film puppeteer, and have started corresponding with fans who have tracked me down - so I am a humble librarian by day and an Arch-villain of the Universe by night!


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