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    I was in No Fit State sometimes         

I've been blessed with some amazing friends. When I was in a bit of a downward spiral in the 80s (after Mrs T killed the British film business) I met a gang of people at one of my juggling workshops who really get things together. Not only did they lift my spirits, but they got into the ever-growing world of juggling and related arts, which led them to buying their own little Big Top.

picture of tent from hot air balloon over Oxford For  14 years the blue tent and pink lorries appeared all over the UK, and now they tour in the  amazing UFO tent. They still survive and thrive as state-of-the-art circus in the UK, going from strength to strength.

I ran away from working in a circus school, to go on the road with them. I didn't perform at first, but worked as tent crew and front of house. Now I ran away from the circus to work on the Internet, and in my local library...


Tim, Lurch and me (with beard) as crewThis was Tim Adam, Lurch and me in our front of house outfits, back in the early days. 

I am in the beard and shades, trying to scare the kids(!) 

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