A Miracle at Hand


Now awake, comes the flood

 Of this day’s busy-ness,

   Of plans and rush of thought,

     And time, and shortness of time,

       And ought, and ought not.




Before the tide overwhelms,

I let myself drift a while,

With him who stills the storm,

 Calms the sea,

   And calls me yet

     To step beyond

       The bounds of safe security.


And be amazed that such a simple act,

Of holding hands with one who says,

 “Peace! Be still!”

   Is just enough

    To walk on troubled waters.


By Tim Ross




These poems spring from devotion. Use them to reflect upon your own devotion to God.

You are free to reproduce them and use them in your ministry and church for any non-profit purpose. I retain the copyright on them, so please credit them to me, and if possible add a reference to this website.


A Miracle at Hand

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“Any approach to prayer and devotions which contains the elements of doing spiritual activity in order to gain God’s blessings and presence risks turning God into a kind of cosmic vending machine.” The Nearest, Tim Ross