Don’t worry, this isn’t just another web site advertising an author’s book. Of course I want you to buy the book, because I think it will challenge the way you think about your devotion to God, and bring you closer to him. However, I’ve also created a virtual chapel where you can take a moment out of your day to spend with God. You can use what’s there as a devotional resource for private use or in your church services.

In the Chapel of Christ in My Day:



If you want a close relationship with God, but for whatever reason find the traditional daily devotional quiet time either unfulfilling, impractical or impossible, this book is intended for you.


I examine unhelpful thinking often associated with the quiet time and offer a fresh approach to Christian devotion that will help you to know God’s presence throughout the day.

I also look at how the practice of having a daily prayer time may have come into being and ask the taboo question -

“Is having daily devotions the only way to stay close to God?”

The Nearest is available from Amazon and other book stores (see “Publication Info” above.)

Reviewers can contact me for an electronic copy.

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  “What a refreshing book!  If you struggle with your “devotional life” (those who don’t will probably lie about other things) you are in for a wonderful surprise.  With profound Biblical insight,  freshness, clarity, humor and practical help, Tim Ross has given the church a magnificent gift. You will find teaching here that will revolutionize the way you think about God and your walk with him.  This book could change your life!  Read it and give it to your friends.  They will “rise up and call you blessed” … and  you will do the same for me for having recommended it to you.”


Professor Steve Brown, Professor of Preaching at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida; the author and teacher on the radio program Key Life.

Tim Ross has successfully and entertainingly opened up a discussion that is long overdue. This can only benefit a church that is too often ridiculously nervous about examining the truth about what actually happens to people.”  Adrian Plass

Writer and speaker with over thirty books to his name