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Archive Events Pages from 2003,2004 and 2005

See South East Fers page for MGF events from 2006 onwards

All about the South East Region of  the MG Car Club MGF Register

Click the logo to go straight to the SEF pages for reviews, events etc etc


  The Runnymede Owners Club Website

Read about what's happening in their area.

A Miscellaney of all things MGF from specials to cars on the screen and celebrity owners



A personal section on one particular MGF


Click here for review of MGF10



There are many areas of this site where contributions would be welcomed .

We need information for the following sections :-

For F Stuff :- 

Celebrity's spotted in an F/TF

F/TF's spotted on the telly, in adverts, in a film, magazines - just about anywhere really.

For F in News :-

Any F related news or events 

For F in Music :-

Send in a list of 6 CD's currently in your autochanger

Any Gig Reviews

Anything else connected with Fs and music.

For South East F'ers & Runnymede areas :-

Photos and details of you and your F



The Cobweb Spin March 2007


Previous Pictures of the month can be found HERE


You can contact this site


if you have any contributions, news, events or any query at all.

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Well Yes.....Check out "F Stuff" from the drop down menu and find out about the F's history, Specials etc.

Under Miscellaneous you'll find a large regularly updated Links page and a link of the month appears below on this page .....

A short Page about Brooklands .....

Ever wondered how many MGs were made ? - find out here.

New pages on your in Car Entertainment - just what CDs are you playing at the moment and reviews of gigs you may have been to in the F. All things F in Music can be selected from the drop down menu.




Click here for review of MGF10





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