Moving on from the F this page will list all the TF specials as they arrive on the scene starting with the unique Jubilee model.


The Jubilee special is a one off model created to celebrate both the Queen's Golden Jubilee in June 2002 and also the 1.5millionth MG ever built on the 16th April 2002. The model is a TF 160 and is painted in the new monogram Supertallic  Jubilee Gold colour. The colour is not unique and for an extra £800 you can have it on your TF. However this particular model is a top of the range TF 160 with special trim including a gold ingot "160" badge, crown decals for the wheel centres, a jubilee monogram on the head restraints and inscribed "The 1.5 millionth MG" above each side air intake. It will take place in the Jubilee pageant at Pall Mall on June 4th and afterwards will be auctioned for charity.

So you can recognise it in the future the registration is MG 02 OTF and the chassis number is :- SARRDLBPC2D604127. It was the 4027th TF built.

Number built :- 1



The first of the production special editions to hit the streets is an early edition planned to boost sales in the sultry summer sun (joke) of 2002.

The specials are derived from the TF135 and the TF160 models and each have high spec features at a lower then normal price. 

It will enable to the TF135 purchaser to obtain ABS, uprated 304mm front brakes and calipers, 16" eleven spoke alloys currently on the TF160.

Both models will feature Gunsmoke Alcantara and Black Leather seats, smokestone interior fascia and door panels, coloured hood, chrome pack and front fog lights.

There are five colour combinations as follow:-              

Solar Red


Gunsmoke Alcantara/Black leather

Grey hood

XPower Grey


Gunsmoke Alcantara/Black leather

Grey hood

Starlight Silver


Gunsmoke Alcantara/Black leather

Blue hood

Le Mans Green


Gunsmoke Alcantara/Black leather

Green hood

Trophy Blue


Gunsmoke Alcantara/Black leather

Blue hood

Number built : 600                                      



MGR have recruited ex Corrie Star and previous F owner Tracey Shaw to promote this Special Edition - the Cool Blue TF. Coincidentally she is  touring the country in a play by David Hare appropriately called "The Blue Room" at the same time.. 

The Car itself is a high Spec version of the standard TF with a blue hood and Alcantra upholstery. The car  features a Momo® leather/alloy gear knob, leather steering wheel, wind stop and ash grey facia. The "Cool Blue " aspect of the car is pinpointed by it's blue hood, six spoke 16" alloys and chrome grille pack with front fog lamps. The "Cool" colours you can order are Trophy Blue, Pearlescent, Starlight Silver or Metallic Anthracite.

The car is available in TF115 format at £16,995 or as a TF135 at £18,495.

Seems pretty similar to last summers SE promotion , the Sprint, and designed hopefully to boost spring sales.

Number to be built : 600 from  18th March 2003


Announced on October 7th 2003 the Sunstorm Special Edition is designed for the autumn/winter market with the major selling point being the fitted  colour coded hard top almost making this an attempt at a coupe TF. Of course you can still take it off and use the traditional soft top for the summer

There are three colour options - Raven Black, Nightfire Red and Starlight Silver. The cars will have a smokestone coloured interior and gunsmoke alcantara / black leather seats. Also standard will be a Momo leather and alloy gear knob and single Cd player. Each car will have black hood, bright pack, 16" 11-spoke alloy wheels and MG/AP Racing disc brakes, front fog lamps and body coloured electric door mirrors and a  choice of engine power - 115, 135 and 160Ps

On the Road prices will be

115 - £17,195

135 - £18,845

160 - £21,145

A range of optional extras from Air conditioning to a "bonnet Cover" (whatever that is) are also available.

Number to be built : 500 from 7th Oct 2003














Officially announced on the 23rd October 2003 at the Motorsport Industry Association's 'Clean Racing Conference', by Rob Oldaker, and MIRA director John Wood. 

The HYBRID PERFORMANCE DEVELOPMENT  vehicle is based on an MGTF 160 and works on an all wheel drive petrol and electric drive system and is designed to be eco friendly. There has been a significant power increase to 200Ps without any raise in fuel consumption or  exhaust emissions.

The 0 - 60mph time has been reduced to under 6 seconds by utilising an electric motor to drive the front wheels. Body styling tweaks and a 50/50 weight distribution reducing front and tail end lift has dramatically improved the handling as well. 

The Vehicle not only combines all wheel drive with performance but you can also select continually variable transmission and a "City Mode" using just the electric motor.

Development between MG Rover, Powertrain and Mira will continue with a view to a production model in the next couple of years - whether this will be on a TF or in a new saloon based vehicle is yet to be seen. The Government's Energy Saving Trust has funded the project so it is highly likely this project will run to fruition.

Meanwhile here's the current Tech Spec :-


  • K Series 160Ps, 1.8-litre VVC petrol engine driving rear wheels
  • 40Ps high-output electric motor driving front wheels, through CVT drive train
  • Engine driven generator
  • Hawker SBS8 battery pack delivers 72v at 400 amps
  • BRUSA BRMD 506 motor controller
  • Mathworks XPC vehicle management
  • Aerodynamic Cd 0.32, zero front & rear lift
  • 50 / 50 weight distribution
  • Sprint power increased from 160 to 200Ps
  • 0-60mph time improved from 6.9 to sub 6.0 seconds
  • All wheel drive traction, maximum tractive effort and 'low mu' handling
  • 'Hotshift' delivers continuous power through front wheels during gear changes
  • 'City mode' feature enables relaxed urban motoring using electric front drivetrain


Number built : One    ( Currently still a concept development vehicle)




The 80th Anniversary Limited Edition is to be produced in three variations but with a total run of just 500 models. 

The TF's will feature colour coordiinated hoods and interior trim and three power sizes of 135, 120 stepspeed and 160.

They will be available in three colours - Pearl Black, Goodwood Green and Starlight Silver.

The black and silver models feature a burgundy red hood with an ash grey intereior. The seats will be Grenadine Alcantra and Black leather. They will feature an embroidered  MG logo  with the dates 1924 - 2004. There will be a bright finish for the door inserts and console.

The Goodwood Green colour is actually  a pearlescent aquamarine and the TF will feature a tan coloured hood matching a tan interior. Black alcantra and leather seats will also feature the embroidered special logo. The interior will feature wood effect inserts on the doors and console.

All 80th Anniversary LE models will feature as standard a folding windstop and CD tuner. They will also have 16" 11-spoke alloy wheels featuring a new 'shadow chrome finish' along with front fog lamps and bright door handles.

There will be special bootlid badging with the '1924 MG 2004' logo making it easy to identify the the 80th Anniversary LE from the rear.

The prices will be as follows :-

80th LE 135  £ 18,895
80th LE 120 Stepspeed  £ 19,645
80th LE 160  £ 21,195

Number built - 500 from 23rd January 2004



Pearl Black and Goodwood Green models

Grenadine Alcantra and Leather interior for Black and Silver models

Black Alcantra and tan leather interior on Goodwood Green model




The  new special edition for the summer of 2004 is known as The MGTF Spark with the advertising catchline of "ignite your summer". 

The car is available at prices ranging from £17,445 for the TF115 to £21,195 for the TF160.

So what's new about it then - well here's the blurb from MGR

"All it takes to ignite your summer is a Spark. A real live Spark, an exclusive MG TF Spark. It's a special summer edition car that embodies the very best of MG.

Our Special Edition MG TF Spark simulates the brightest of summer days. It's all about living life and exploring its exciting options. Everything about Spark is pacy and smart - from the way it looks to the way it moves. Colours are vibrant and sun-filled, the interior neatly and cleverly detailed with MG embroidered seats. When the sun goes down and the hood goes up, all eyes will appreciate its cool Charcoal Grey finish. And to keep you in touch with terra firma, MG TF Spark is smartly shod with 16" eleven spoke alloys.

MG TF Spark.
It's hot, it's cool, it's summer."

It seems to be down to special trim options again - Once again here's the MGR specification list:-

 "Sonic Blue, FireFrost Red, Starlight Silver and XPower Grey exterior colours
- Ash Grey interior
- Gunsmoke Alcantara® and Black Leather seats with embroidered MG badge
- Charcoal Grey hood
- Bright inserts on console and doors
- Bright/Black leather steering wheel
- Leather/alloy gearknob and leather handbrake grip
- Front fog lamps
- Single Slot CD-Tuner
- Windstop
- 16" 11-Spoke alloy wheels with shadow chrome finish and uprated front disc brakes and callipers
- Exterior badge: Spark
- Bright pack: Bright exterior mesh, door handles, ashtray and handbrake button
- Body-coloured electric door mirrors
- Hood cover"

This is a limited edition of 1000 models. Announced 23rd July 2004




MGTF COUPE LE (Australia)

A limited edition for the Australian Market just as the more inclement weather sets in. Marked as a Coupe in reality it's a TF with a hard top included in the price along similar spec to the UK Sunstorm special above.

To make it more exclusive the edition is limited to just 30 models.

Here is the text of the press release which gives details of the model >>>

Equivalent UK prices about £22,000 - £24,000


Number built  - 30 from May 2004




Following the success of the limited edition MG TF 80th Anniversary model series, MG Rover Australia has just recently released the limited edition MG TF Coupe.

Timed to coincide with the arrival of the more inclement winter months in Australia, the MG TF Coupe comes standard with: 

Unique Metallic Paint. MG TF Coupe will be available in the choice of three distinct colours:

a. Starlight Silver

b. Monogram Nightshade Blue (unique to coupe model)

c. Monogram Black Olive (unique to coupe model)

Factory fitted removable hardtop. These are coloured coded to the vehicle and  include a rear window demister. Canvas soft top remains a standard fitment to the vehicle, allowing the hard top to be removed for open top motoring

Rear wind deflector

Wood trim kit including centre console and door trim\

Wood & leather trim steering wheel

Beige interior trim

Unique factory Monogram Leather. This is a unique premium grade Oxford  leather that is fitted to both the driver and passenger seats as well as door trim inserts. Exclusive only to the MG TF Coupe series.

MG TF 120 variants are also fitted with TF 160 alloy wheels, front fog lamps and bright trim pack. Bright trim pack includes chrome finish to front, rear and

side air vents, as well as exterior door handles (Note: These features are standard on TF 160 models)

Only 30 of these models will be available in Australia. Recommended retail price for these cars will be as follows:

MG TF 120 Coupe: $52,240

MG TF 160 Coupe: $54,750

These prices include metallic paint.





Shown at the October 2004 Paris Motor Show was an MGTF 160 with a white body and two blue stripes right over the top of the car from valance to valance. This was marked up as A "Vintage Racing" special and was limited to just thirty models. It was only available in France.


Number built- 30   October 2004



 Aat the Autocar Awards luncheon on the 14th November  2004 MG Rover unveiled two new concept prototypes. One was a Coupe  based on the Rover 75 to celebrate 100 years of the Rover marque in 2005 whilst the other was a GT version of the TF. 

If the MG GT  goes into production it will be fitted with the  2.5litre KV6 engine raising power to 200bhp, performance is predicted to give the GT sub six second zero to 60mph acceleration and a top speed of 145mph.  The increase in speed is aided by the reduced drag GT style, cutting the aerodynamic drag coefficient from 0.35 to 0.31.

Features of interest specified on the MG GT concept include 17” Gunsmoke five-spoke OZ alloy wheels, similar in design to the MG XPower SV.  An extended front aero splitter is balanced by a longer tail-spoiler integrated into the bootlid design, generating reduced lift at speed.

New door mirrors feature integral side direction indicator lamps and the switch for the electronic door opening feature, that in the process have eliminated the external door handles for a clean exterior design profile.  The interior is trimmed with Burgundy Red leather seats with the fascia and door casings also following the same colourway.

Neither car is road going at present and both seem to be something of a styling exercise. It may all depend on the  deal with Shanghai Automotive coming to fruition whether they actually raise the cash to enable these cars to trouble the tarmac.

Number built - 1       November 2004



Pictures courtesy MG Rover


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