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The 10 Steps To Uploading


Making The Torrent

Download MAKE TORRENT v2.0

1st: Open and install MakeTorrent.exe , then, run the program which should appear like this….

2nd : Click ‘Classic' look and open either the folder or file you want to make into a torrent…

3rd : Ensure 1 torrent from entire folder is selected and enter the tracker:

(See website for current uptodate Tracker URL) - Click HERE


4th : You can add a comment about this file if you wish, but most don't…..

5th : Ensure AUTO size is selected and click CREATE .TORRENT .

6th : Something like this should appear… Once it's done, click FINISHED!








Uploading The Torrent


7th : Now, on the website, click UPLOAD at the top and scroll down to the box below:

8th :

  • Enter/Browse for the .Torrent file you created.
  • NAME the torrent - (READ THE RULES ABOVE FIRST!)
  • Select a SECTION to put the torrent in for all to see.
  • Select the QUALITY of the file you are sharing.
  • A brief Description of the files attributes in the INFORMATION box. (eg: Codecs needed..etc)
  • Ensure you select USE TORRENTZ.NET and then select the TRACKER you used in MAKETORRENT. - (It is important you get this bit right!
  • Then finally click UPLOAD TORRENT.


9th : If all went well, you should see a box like this:

10th: It will probably take around 20-30mins for the TRACKER to configure itself, so DON'T expect to see the file appear on the website straight away!

I find sometimes I will upload a file and check the next day or after 24 hours to ensure its still seeding.

Due to the sites own success, from uploading to seeing the file appear for users to click on, can take longer and longer due to heavy TRACKER usage!

Be patient! This is normal.








Seeding/Sharing The Torrent


Failure to do this bit means people CANT download the file from you!

10th : Double click on the torrent file again which is on your Hard Drive, and select the download destination as the Actual file it is.

E.g.: I double clicked Matrix – Revolutions.torrent file, so I save to Matrix – Revolutions.avi

11th : Now, it will say checking file:

12th : If it starts ‘allocating' the file then you haven't saved it to the right file…Check again!

13th : Last of all, leave the seed open as others can then stand a chance of downloading off you….don't click CANCEL even though its finished!


14th : Good Luck and enjoy!