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How To Check Your Version Of PS2


This guide will tell you how to identify which PS2 version you have reading from the serial number off the back of the unit.

On the back side of your Playstation2 you find a number beginning with "SCPH-", the following number is the model number!


V10 Identification.

These are the same as v9 below though the main mother board will be coded GH 026


V9 Identification.

These consoles will either be Black or Satin Sliver in colour and have an Infrared Remote sensor located between the Power and Eject buttons of the front of the console.

SCPH Number will be from 50001 to 50004 Main board will be GH 023


V8 Identification.

If your model number  is SCPH-39000, 39001, 39002, 39003, 39004 or 37000. The main board will be labelled GH-022 and if you look at the main BIOS chip on the mother board you will see that its coded 090


V7 Identification.

If your model number  is SCPH-39000, 39001, 39002, 39003, 39004 or 37000.


V5/V6 Identification.

The model numbers can be SCPH-30000R, SCPH-30001 R, SCPH-30002 R, SCPH-30003 R, SCPH-30004 R, SCPH-30006 R
But also some SCPH-30000, SCPH-30001, SCPH-30002, SCPH-30003 and SCPH-30004 PS2 have a V5/V6 main board.

(The model shown below is used for reference only)

Make sure to double check that the screw shown below is actually in your system.
Simply take out the expansion slot cover, turn round your PS2 and check to see if the screw shown below is in your console, if it is  you have a V5/V6 console.

If you don't have the screw in the expansion slot you have either a new V7 PS2 or an older V1-V4 PS2 board.

The only way that you can now tell if you have a v5 or v6 console is to remove the cover and have a look at the connector shown below.


V4 Identification.

The model number can be SCPH-30000, SCPH-30001, 35001, SCPH-30002, 35002, SCPH-30003, 35003, SCPH-30004, 35004
If the marked screw doesn't show up in the expansion bay of your PS2 then please take a look on the bottom of the PS2 case. If there is an electrical hazard warning on the bottom of the case then it is a V4.


V1, V2, V3 Identification.

Turn the PlayStation upside-down and check how many screws there are.
The screws are covered by black plastic or rubber hole covers.
You can easily remove the screw covers by prying them off with a small flat head precision screwdriver.

If you have 10 bottom screws you have a V1, V2 or V3 PS2 model.
Version 4, 5/6 and 7 consoles can be differentiated from previous versions as they only have 8 screw covers on the underside of the console.

Console Versions 1 to 3

Console Version 4, 5/6 and 7



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