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How To Mount A ISO/BIN File


This tutorial is going to show you how to 'mount' a ISO/BIN file on your computer so you can either install or play it, without the need to burn it to a disk.

A great way to save expensive CD-R's and DVD-Rs!

You will need the following program:



1st. Install and Open DAEMON Tools. You should see the icon appear in the task bar when installed.

2nd. Right click the file and select EMULATION and then select ALL OPTIONS ON. This will overide any copyright or copy-protection on the disk.

3rd. You will see the icon turn GREEN in colour to indicate it has worked.

4th. Again right click the icon in the taskbar and select VIRTUALCD DVDROM DRIVE and select Device 0: and MOUNT IMAGE.

5th. We will now add our BIN/ISO file from our folder.

6th. You will see a Mounting Image message... saying Please Wait!

7th. Now click on 'MyComputer' and you will see a NEW drive has appeared, this is called a 'virtual Drive' which DAEMON tools has created and tricked your computer into thinking a Disk has actually been inserted into your disk drive... (Meaning you don't need to burn a disk anymore, just trick your PC!!)

8th. You can now Open this disk and install or play whatever the ISO/BIN file contains...

If its a game run Set-Up, if its a VCD/SVCD, you can extract the MPEG file...

But most importantly, we wasted NO DISKS!





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