a dividing line
a dividing line
a dividing line

WED 31.07.2002 - SAT 03.08.2002

By Oli Wade

So I said that I'd do this, and I'd better get it sorted before going away or it'll never happen. I shall be brief.

So I went to WUS, then left early to pack. Taxi to the bus station to meet the others (Elizabeth, Siobhan, Baz and Jimmer). The bus journey to Stansted was uneventful, as was the plane. We met up with Andy H. and some of his London friends, although a couple of them were sans luggage. The airport bus waited, and Baz and I enjoyed an awful cup of tea.

So onwards to Hamburg where we met Dave T. and also Sally & Alex. 'Twas weird seeing these people after a year with very little changed. As last year we got a train to Itzehoe and then the festival shuttle bus. We got a similar camping place too. The music tent was karaoke this year (taken so seriously there were rehearsals, security peeps, inflatable guitars and even crowd-surfing), which didn't hugely interest me.

Thursday was spent catching up on sleep, shopping for booze, sitting on the grass with Baz chatting, getting more booze and then getting wristbands. Bands in the evening included Blaze, Doro & Rose Tattoo. Doro I liked a lot, but it pissed it down which was a shame.

Friday and saturday were a blur of booze, bands and general enjoyment. The overall impression is that it was very similar to last year (not a bad thing at all). I saw lots of bands, including Blind Guardian (finally), Falconer & Children Of Bodom. Immortal too, and several other black metal type ones which I liked a lot. Somewhere along the line I snogged a cute Irish girl [COUGH! - everyone else] with green hair and also acquired a tacky inverted crucifix. Baz got one too, and when he took it back after it broke was told by the stall-owner: "it's not meant to do that until you get home."!

Sunday was going home day, and like last year it rained a lot and the queue for the shuttle busses was non-existant and impossible. My umbrella was much appreciated and kept me dryish. We got split up but made the train in plenty of time, a couple of hours earlier than last year left time for us to be delinquent in Hamburg. Bus, plane, bus and home to bed.

Baz and I had a great time together, but many of the great quotes are sadly now forgotten. There was something to do with baby oil and duct tape though...

And why did/do they always make fun of me? Because I'm easy and because I enjoy it!

One last thought - I noticed today that the number of black t-shirts I own is getting silly. One more (BG / Wacken) was obtained over the above weekend...

a dividing line


a dividing line