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Dogs in Need of Homes!!!

College Garth usually have strays coming in every week, so visit again soon!!! :) This website is updated approximately every three days, so please be aware that dogs you inquire about could already have homes!!!

Dogs can only be rehomed in the Leicestershire or Nottinghamshire area in case home checks need to be done.

Opening hours are: Mon-Fri 9am-12noon & 1pm-5pm

Sat 9am-12noon & 1pm-4pm

Sun 9am-12noon.

College Garth also boards both dogs and cats at a charge of just 5 per animal per day. The brand new centrally heated cattery has piped music, both high and low beds, plenty of scratching posts and lots of toys to keep your best friend amused. If your dog was adopted from College Garth, or if you're boarding two dogs together, a discount of 10% will be given.

College Garth Boarding Kennels are open all year round. All dogs and cats MUST have a current Vaccination certificate to be boarded!!!

Contact Donna on 01509 842327 [during office hours] for more information and/or bookings.

This is JESTER, a Staffy cross [possibly with Boxer]. He's between a year and 18 months old, and has been waiting for his forever home for over six months. He's boisterous and needs someone who will commit to training him - he's a bright boy, and will learn quickly he just needs a chance. Whoever takes him on would be advised to neuter him as soon as possible, as it's very likely this would help to calm him down.

He's ok with *some* other dogs and loves people. Jester was rehomed for a short time recently, but he was unpredictable with the children so was returned. Jester would need to go to a home with NO children. He is housetrained. JESTER is now desperate for a home, he's becoming VERY stressed in kennels :(

This Boxer X female is about a year to 18 months old. She has some training, as she does know sit. She's very bouncy, likes other dogs and people, would probably be best with older children, as she could knock down smaller ones. She is available for adoption now.
This Labrador X was rehomed from College Garth a little while ago, but was returned because he simply couldn't get on with the resident cat. He's fine with other dogs though, and very friendly with people! He is available for adoption now.
These Jack Russels are three of seven dogs that were brought in. They've been named GRUMPY, SLEEPY, SNEEZY, BASHFUL, DOPEY, DOC and HAPPY. There's no history on them, as they were strays but they all seem very friendly once they've got over their timidity - they're very bewildered at the moment, and quite scared - the other four simply wouldn't come out of the kennels, so we were unable to photograph them. Some of them are quite young, others older.

This handsome lad is SHEP. He is a Border Collie X, about 18 months old. He was rehomed from College Garth a short while ago, but was returned because he "humps" people, and the family that took him on had a small child. SHEP would benefit from being neutered!!! He has some training, as he will sit on command. He is available for adoption now.

This is LUCY, a brindle Staffie about three years old. She was brought back to the Kennels after being in her new home for six months.

She was returned for chewing the bottom of a door when left by herself. This happened only the once, and never before in the six months they had her.

Lucy is brilliant with people and children, but does not get on with other dogs or cats. She walks well on the lead and has some training as she will sit on command. She has already been spayed.

This is SCRUFF, a handsome male Fox Terrier about 18 months old. He's a really happy go lucky soul, good with other friendly dogs [as seen above], but needs to go to a home where he would be the only pet. He's good with older children. We don't know how he is with cats. Scruff is not housetrained, and is terrified of traffic [he will not walk near a busy road], so his new owners would need to be able to address this.


This beautiful boy was found as a stray. He came in suffering terribly with fleas, so much so that his sides were bald. He has now been treated, and the fur is slowly growing back.

He was rehomed for a short time, and was taken to the vets by his new home when he began to limp after a long walk - turned out to be dermatitis on one paw, he has also developed it around his mouth. This problem could need further treatment in the future. Zack was brought back to the Kennels for growling at the family's children, so it's best he goes to a family with teenage children, or an all-adult household.

He's an extremely clever boy, and does have some training as he will sit on command. He LOVES chasing a ball, and is very focused on you while you're holding it so this could be utilised in his training. He's very energetic, and would probably really enjoy agility!! Zack Can't be rehomed with cats, and he'd do best as the only dog.
This puppy was found straying, we have little information on her, but she seems very friendly and affectionate, and seems to get on with other dogs too.
This gorgeous little guy is PIGLET. He's a Staffie X pup of about eight months old. He's very affectionate and LOVES people and other dogs. He seems fine with children as well :)

MOLLY - Grey mongrel bitch

Molly is about 7 - 8 years old, found as a stray. She has been waiting for a new home since 12th November. She is nervous of strangers, but once she knows you she's lovely - likes other dogs, and loves being around people. She is very well behaved!!

SOOTY - Black & white mongrel bitch.

Sooty is 10 years old, brought into kennels because her owner died. She is desperate for a new home, she is pining away in kennels and has no idea what's going on. She's fine with children and other dogs, but not cats.

She is housetrained, absolutely loves company, and would love a peaceful forever home. She would make an ideal companion for an older couple or person on their own.

JET - Brindle Staffy Dog

Jet is around two years old, he has already been neutered. He wouldn't be suited to living with young children. He was rehomed for a while, but was brought back as he has a tendency to run off. He will need to be kept onlead when out and about and needs a VERY secure garden. Jet is available for adoption now.

MAISIE - brown & white jrt bitch

Maisie was found as a stray, she's about 10 years old, very friendly and still full of life! She's ok with other dogs so long as they're not TOO bouncy, loves people and likes nothing better than a nice warm bed. MAISIE will be available for adoption on Tuesday 2nd December if she is not claimed.


SUSIE - black & white collie X bitch

Susie was found as a stray, and is about 2 years old. She's VERY loving, friendly with other dogs and loves to play. She seems fine with children too.

MACK - grey Cairn terrier X dog

MACK is just over a year old, brought into kennels because he chews when he's left - he likes to be with you all the time! He's been ok with children, and fine with *some* other dogs. He's very lively!!

BENJI - Brown & white JRT

Benji i between 5 & 6 years old, is fine with kids and other dogs but has not been housetrained, so he will need to go to a home where someone will be able to address this. He is available for adoption now.

This is ALICE. She's a lovely little dog, possibly Cairn terrier X. Seems to get on with other dogs, and likes people. She was found as a stray.

OLIVER - Brindle Lurcher type

Brought in as a stray, is only about seven months old. He's fine with other dogs, and seems ok with children too - he's very loving! He will be a fairly big boy when he's full grown, judging by the size of his paws!

If you are interested in adopting any of these dogs, you can call the Kennels on 01509 842327 DURING OFFICE HOURS [see top of this page] and leave a message on their answerphone. Please mention that you saw them on this site!! Dogs CANNOT be reserved over the phone or internet, reservations can only be done in person at the kennels.

[Last updated 03/12/03]