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Our Gig List for the coming days/weeks/months is shown below. All the dates are subject to change, and if you are traveling a long way we advise you to phone and confirm. If you want to book tickets please phone us on 01792 473276 (rather than sending me an email). Please don't phone between 12 and 2pm as it's lunchtime and we're likely to be too busy cooking to staff the Box Office as well! We aren't open in the evenings unless we've got music on (or lasagne to make) so ring in the daytime (there's someone there from 8:30am-6pm, usually).


Doors usually open at 7:30pm, with support acts starting at 8:30pm. We don't reserve tables so if you intend sitting down to eat, be early. The kitchen stays open until about 9 or when the main act starts. We try and stick to what's advertised but musicians will be musicians!

Sat 31.10 Lewis and Leigh Al Lewis (who has often been found supporting Paper Aeroplanes, and who played an excellent solo show not so long ago) has teamed up with Alva Leigh to create a unique blend of Celtic folk and Americana... or 'Celticana' as they like to call it. £10
Sat 07.11 Captain Cat and the Sailors raising money for shelters in Calais and Doctors Without Borders working in Lesvos. Formed for a talent contest in late 2008, Captain Cat and the Sailors are a Swansea based folk outfit who perform with verve. Playing a range of styles including traditional, contemporary and shanties, their performances are rarely forgotten. Whether singing ballads, telling stories or playing their own creations they are sure to entertain. £10
Wed 11.11 Ashley Condon, Lowri Evans and Maz O'Connor Three fantastic songwriters from Canada, Wales and England. £10
Sat 28.11 Hatful of Rain Purveyors of the finest in Bluegrass it's a treat to welcome the Hatfuls back to The Chattery! £10
Sat 05.12 Luna Rossa The new acoustic project from Anne-Marie Helder and Jonathan Edwards (Panic Room). Their first album ‘Sleeping Pills & Lullabies’ is a beautiful and intimate collection of songs. £14
Sat 12.12 Grass Snakes The Grass Snakes are a bluegrass band that play an exciting mix of bluegrass classics and other material, using traditional bluegrass instrumentation of Fiddle, Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin, Double Bass and 3/4 part harmony vocal, delivered in the high, lonesome way. £10

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Alt.country:- teenage angst for middle aged people

If you're a band/artist or promoter email me at thechattery@hotmail.com. Please bear in mind that we have a LOT of demos, albums and emails sent to us and it takes us a while to get through them. Please also note that we are a small restaurant with a musical interest in the singer-songwriter/americana/alt.country/etc. If you play punk, nu-punk, post punk, hardcore, emo, screamo, grindcore, hip hop, breakbeat, drum'n'bass etc. your email will most likely be ignored and demo binned. We also have no interest in acts who list dancing above singing in their biographies and rely on backing tracks. Not sure whether to email me? Count the number of Dylan albums you can name, if it's less than 10 don't bother :-) .

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