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Our Gig List for the coming days/weeks/months is shown below. All the dates are subject to change, and if you are traveling a long way we advise you to phone and confirm. If you want to book tickets please phone us on 01792 473276 (rather than sending me an email). Please don't phone between 12 and 2pm as it's lunchtime and we're likely to be too busy cooking to staff the Box Office as well! We aren't open in the evenings unless we've got music on (or lasagne to make) so ring in the daytime (there's someone there from 8:30am-6pm, usually).


Doors usually open at 7:30pm, with support acts starting at 8:30pm. We don't reserve tables so if you intend sitting down to eat, be early. The kitchen stays open until about 9 or when the main act starts. We try and stick to what's advertised but musicians will be musicians!

Fri 13.06 Hatful of Rain Hatful of Rain are a Bluegrass/Old time influenced British folk/roots band based in East Sussex. Playing original material, Hatful of Rain strive to combine powerful song-writing with musical virtuosity whilst retaining a strong traditional feel. £10
Fri 20.06 Rag Foundation plus Gnidrolog Gnidrolog are an under appreciated 70's progressive band that only made two albums - "In Spite of Harry's Toenail" and "Lady Lake". Both were released in 1972 and they are two very different albums, but both are masterpieces - Orexis of Death. Rag Foundation are one of the finest bands Swansea has ever produced - playing a blend of folk and pop performed with passion and an engaing charisma. £10
Thu 17.07 Erin McKeown plus Eeek Your favorite American returns to Wales! Erin McKeown is a musician, writer, and producer known mostly for her prolific disregard of stylistic boundaries. Her electric guitar playing is something to see. You'll remember her from the Jools Holland, Radio 2, touring with The Be Good Tanyas, Thea Gilmore, and for not being Beyonce. £12

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Alt.country:- teenage angst for middle aged people

If you're a band/artist or promoter email me at thechattery@hotmail.com. Please bear in mind that we have a LOT of demos, albums and emails sent to us and it takes us a while to get through them. Please also note that we are a small restaurant with a musical interest in the singer-songwriter/americana/alt.country/etc. If you play punk, nu-punk, post punk, hardcore, emo, screamo, grindcore, hip hop, breakbeat, drum'n'bass etc. your email will most likely be ignored and demo binned. We also have no interest in acts who list dancing above singing in their biographies and rely on backing tracks. Not sure whether to email me? Count the number of Dylan albums you can name, if it's less than 10 don't bother :-) .

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