The Deltic Preservation Society is delighted to announce that the National Railway Museum has agreed in principle to a proposal for the Deltic Preservation Society to undertake an engineering survey of the prototype DELTIC. This will be conducted by the society's engineering team under the leadership of the DPS Engineer, Simon Hartshorne.

The National Railway Museum is emphatic that it is not intended that the historic locomotive should be returned to operable order, and the survey will only assess which components are intact or otherwise, and to obtain a greater understanding of the locomotive.

It is believed that apart from the two Napier series 1 power units, which are devoid of pistons and crankshafts, most of the locomotive is intact.

The Deltic Preservation Society is honoured that the National Railway Museum has authorised this survey, which will now be undertaken at Barrow Hill.

On a rare trip out of the NRM, DELTIC is towed by 03090.

DELTIC stands at York fuelling point, Summer 2001.

Inside the extension to the Great Hall.

The Deltic Preservation Society's Engineering Survey has been agreed by Andrew Scott, head of the National Railway Museum, in early December. Here he is with a bottle of DPS 'Production Bitter' - obviously a man of taste!

All photos in the gallery by Robin Gray

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