The Hidden Planet - The lost Doctor Who Scripts
The Hidden Planet - The Lost Doctor Who Scripts
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Doctor Who is the longest running science fiction show in the world, spanning a massive 43 years. Originally a TV show, it has expanded into radio, books, records and even animated webcasts. During it's orignial run a total of 160 stories were seen on the screen, some now tragically lost forever.

Some stories however, didn't make it. This website is dedicated to the stories that might have been, cobbled together from scraps of information gathered from the BBC archives, mostly by people with a lot more dedication and access than me :) I'm simply collecting the information in one space so that people can see what adventures the Doctor and his companions came close (or not so close) to having.

I Need Your Help!
This list is far from complete, so if you know of a missing story that is not in included please e-mail me with details and I'll put it up here. You will receive full credit of course.

The Hidden Planets' Upgrades

We're back on the update trail again after a bit of a hiatus with some little gems from LJ Scott such as 'Tinkering with Time' which introduces us to a new Time Lord with a silly name. We've also got a full rundown of 'Doctor Who Meets Scratchman' in our new and sparkly Spinoffs section!! feast my pretties, feast!!

Just a quick note to say that updates on the Hidden Planet will be suspended until around June. Unfortunately I'm too busy with the 'ol degree to spend any time on it. See you in June and enjoy series 3!

Firstly some really good news. Argolis productions have recently put up their recording of 'The Nightmare Fair' on t'internet for free download! Go get it here. Make sure you come back though because arrrghh!! it's the attack of the Human bees in 'The Children of January'. Barbara Clegg must have taken a funny turn in 1984 because we have three submissions from her from this time: 'Underworld' (no not that one), 'The Rogue TARDIS' and 'The Elite', plus some other bits and bobs.

The alt earth is in trouble and whoyagonnacall? Yep, we've got some details of the 'spinoff too far' 'Rose Tyler: Earth Defence'! The earth is also under threat from the 'Doomwriaths', Pharoh Akhenaton gets another visit from the Doctor in 'Valley of Shadows' and the Master is trying to build a super-destructo warship out of space junk in 'Space Sargasso' (Thanks to Ewen Campion-Clarke and David Wallington)

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