Wandsworth School Documents

Do you have copies of The Link, the school magazine?
Do you have any other school documents?

If you do, please
e-mail me
so that I can make a list of the material that Old Wandsworthians have.

Documents identified to date

Steve Johnson* salvaged a pile of school enrolment cards from the floor in the school. They date from 1957 to when the school closed down!!! They show which class a person was in for their whole school life. Amazing!

Documents held by David Lloyd

Mark Hutchings has a copy of the July 1969 Link magazine.

Glenn Wylie has a copy of the March 1967 Link magazine.

David Mossman* has copies of the Link for December 1965, March 1967, March 1970 and July 1970

Jim Edwell* has the following copies of the Link: 1948 - December; 1949 - July , Christmas; 1950 - July, Christmas; 1951 - April, July, December; 1952 - April, June, December; 1953 - March, July Coronation Souvenir), December; 1954 - April, July, December; 1955 - April, July, December; 1956 March, July

Clive Friend* has copies from Autumn 1955 - Summer 1960

Alan Philips* has copies from 1960-1966

Peter Rossi* has copies for December 1967 and July 1968.

Derek Hatley* has copies for Christmas 1947, July 1948, December 1948 and July 1950.

Last Up Dated: 13 September 2009