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      The site was initially set up in Geocities because the Internet Service Provider that we had did not give us any web space. However, the level of advertising on Geocities seemed to be creeping up all the time so, when we changed to a new ISP that did provide some web space, we decided to move the site. We then realised that a lot of search engines still pointed to the Geocities site so we continued to maintain the Geocities site, but only as a feeder to the new site. This could have been a dreadful mistake, since maintenance is getting difficult!
      It is no longer possible to maintain a diagram showing all the cross linking between pages. This map does show all the pages that exist on each site (NTL and Geocities) and allows a direct route to each page.

      Note: Some pages are meant to be seen as a frame on a page.

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      Chat Room


      Christmas Concert 1999

      Summer Concert 1999

      1999 TGC Visit - Joint Concert

      1999 TGC Visit to Westfields Infants

      1998 Concert Pictures

      1997 Concert Pictures


      USA Relatives

      John Walker and Mary Ake

      Descendants of Thomas Walker

      Descendants of Annie Walker

      Descendants of Mary Walker

      Descendants of William Walker

      Descendants of Harold Tennyson

      Descendants of Arthur Tennyson

      Interesting Words

      Tribute to Eric Carpenter

      Start point for pages on Eric Carpenter's war letters

      Top page of framed version of War Letters

      May 1940 - Dover

      Last Days in the Army - page 1

      Last Days in the Army - page 2

      Last Days in the Army - page 3

      More Photographs

      1st Survey Regiment Royal Artillery

      Attempt to Find Members of 1st Survey Regiment

      John Stanley Walker

      Yorkie - our cat


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