Old Wandsworthians

Names you might remember:

The pupils list has become unmanageable as part of a web page and is now available as a spreadsheet here. The date of update is given at the top of the spreadsheet.       

Some people have asked the source of the names on this list, since it is obviously a very incomplete list of the many thousands of boys who must have gone to Wandsworth School. These names have all been put forward by Old Wandsworthians. At one time, names of friends were included if they were suggested by an old boy. However, that will no longer be done as some people have objected to their names being listed without their permission.  If you want your name added to the list (or if you want your name or details removed or edited) then email Jim Carpenter at "theDOTcarpentersATntlworldDOTcom"

It may be possible to forward messages to those people marked with * if you send them to Jim Carpenter.  However, in most cases the email addresses held are many years old and hence may no longer work.

The staff list is now available as a spreadsheet here.

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