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Did you study or teach at Wandsworth School, in Sutherland Grove, Southfields, London?

Wandsworth School had originally been a Grammar School but was merged with the Wandsworth Technical College Boys School to become one of the first Comprehensive Schools in London. It was a boys-only school but fortunately our sister school, Mayfields School, was only a short distance away.

fencers in silly costumes I was a pupil at Wandsworth School from 1960 until 1967. At that time there were about 2000 pupils. I was a keen (though untalented) member of the fencing club for much of my time at Wandsworth. This picture shows some members of the fencing club while on a trip to Northumberland to make a film. If pressed, I would admit to being one of the smaller people in the picture.

In 1999, I was stunned to discover that Wandsworth School had closed. Apparently with the baby-boom over, Wandsworth had more schools than it needed. The "new" buildings were still standing but plans existed to pull them down and build a smaller school on part of the site.

As you will see from the other pages on this site, the "new" buildings have now been demolished but the original grammar school buildings have been preserved.

If you went to Wandsworth School, whether to the comprehensive school, technical college or the grammar, please e-mail me. Please also let me know if I can include your name in the list on the "Names" page. Alternatively, you can leave a message on the message board.

Jim Carpenter (e-mail me)

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