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      The Carpenter's Home Page

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      Hi. We are the Carpenter family from Hampshire in England.
      Our web site is being created bit by bit rather than following some great pre-planned design.
      The main pages so far are our family history page, the Wandsworth School site and tribute pages to my father, Eric Carpenter and Jean's father, Stan Walker.
      The Yateley Junior Singers Home Page, which was one of the original parts of our site, is still in existance as an archive although YJS itself stopped in 2002.

      Links to Our Pages

      Walker Family History Page
      An attempt to locate some branches of our family that moved to America
      Tribute to Eric Carpenter
      A profile of the man, including some of his 2nd World War Letters
      John Stanley Walker
      A prisoner in Changi Gaol
      Wandsworth School
      Wandsworth School
      A message board for Old Wandsworthians and photographs of the demolition
      WIS Y2 Choir at RFH
      Westfields Infant School Choir
      Taking part in the national final of the Music For Youth competition at the Royal Festival Hall in 2001
      Interesting Words Page
      Some tasty words to liven up your writing!
      our big cat
      4 Upper
      Driffield Junior School 4 Upper 1963
      Attempt to arrange a 40 year reunion
      North East Hampshire Young Singers (NEHYS)
      A choir Jean Carpenter now runs in our area for the Hampshire Music Service
      Yateley Junior Singers
      Information about a choir Jean Carpenter used to run in our area

      Links to Pages Belonging or Relating to Our Relatives and Friends

      Steve Carpenter's Stone Cross site Steve Carpenter's Stone Cross site St Luke's Church Stone Cross
      John Hillyer's Restaurant John Hillyer's Restaurant John Hillyer's Restaurant
      Paul Rogers Paul Rogers at Perth Wildcats Paul Rogers - the giant in our family
      Connie & Mike Bringard Mike & Connie Bringard's business Connie & Mike Bringard
      Tim's Page Tim Clixby's Page Tim's Page
      Paul Perryman Paul Perryman in "Dangerous Dogs Act" Dangerous Dogs Act
      Tucson Girls Chorus

      Links to Other Pages Relevant to Our Family

      RPS Group plc Page RPS Group plc
      Hampshire Music Service Hampshire Music Service
      Wake Up Call "Wake Up Call"
      Yateley Manor School Yateley Manor School
      May Gurney May Gurney
      Hants Net Hants Net - Local Information


      This page last modified on 28 May 2009.

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