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RAF Air Section 2 (AS2)

Date Founded: 4th May 1972

Mission when Founded: To investigate complaints of low flying by RAF aircraft by members of the general public.

Mission Today: AS2 now deals with reports of UFO sightings by the general public.

Jurisdiction: Anywhere in the UK.

Headquarters: RAF Rudloe Manor, Wiltshire.

# of Personnel: estimated to be around 50.

Annual Budget: 2.5 million

History/Profile: Originally set-up to look into complaints of low-flying aircraft, AS2 had its brief widened to include the investigation of UFO reports some time in 1979. The reason seems to be the growing concern within the MoD that 16000 or so UFO sightings reported to RAF bases, police stations and the MoD itself might have a defence implication after all.

The UFO research centre comprises no more than thirty people, and operates a constantly manned telephone service. It also serves as a tracking and correlation centre for UFOs activity in UK airspace, and is alleged to carry out research into UFO contacts and landings, as well as interviewing witnesses.

Occupation Templates

AS2 Officer: Computer Use, Fast Talk, Persuade, Psychology, Spot Hidden & any two of the following - Handgun, Navigate, Pilot Aircraft/ Pilot Helicopter, Psychoanalysis