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A well illustrated guide to shooting original and reproduction muzzle loading pistols and revolvers with detailed guidance to newcomers and in depth information for those who thought they knew all about it.  Well researched historical comment where appropriate.


The book starts with a review of many of the courses of fire used by M/L pistols over the years, and follows with detailed descriptions of percussion and flint single shots and percussion revolvers.  Recovery of pistols and revolvers plays its part, as well as shooting many of the more uncommon pistols, such as pepperboxes, transitional pistols and zimmerpistolen.


Approx. 70,000 words in six chapters with six appendices.  Size 7.5 x 9.7 (19 x 25 cm) in hardback.  170 pages approx.  More than 72 highly detailed computer generated line drawings of pistols, their mechanisms and associated data.  33 colour plates.  The book is designed both for reference and for the coffee table.



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