Count Duckula Comics


Marvel Comics

As the cartoon's popularity grew across the globe, the merchandise expanded, and soon enough, Count Duckula comics were being produced. These began in the United States, when Marvel Comics took the idea on and went to produce around 13 monthly issues. Sad to say, these weren't too fantasic, but let's leave it at that for now and check out what's there.

The Marvel Series

As said before, this was the first full comic series based on the show to appear [and by full, we don't mean just two pages in a children's TV magazine ;P], with its first issue starting in November 1988, though being Marvel after all, it didn't quite follow the series that accurately. That's not to say that they weren't too awful to begin with, some of the line artwork was quite good, though others...

Notably, the series introduced a new recurring character - Vanna, a blonde girl resembling a dove who just happens to be Doctor Von Goosewing's niece, and Duckula's love interest. She appears in at least two stories. Also popping in was a visible version of Heinrich, who in the cartoon show was Goosewing's imaginary assistant. (Read more...)

London Editions, aka S.O.R

Let's just say, that this was a British comic, and I'll have to be blunt - while it followed more closely to the cartoon, these were poorer than the American Marvel comics, both in story telling and in aesthetics. Not only that, like some of the Marvel comics, they had only so much room for secondary stories that had nothing to do with Duckula, but I guess that's just kids' comics for you. (Read more...)


Look-In was actually a British children's magazine that ran from 1971 to 1994, centring around what used to air on ITV [and Channel 4 when it came round] back in those times, and pop culture in general. As well as typical magazine favourites such as crosswords and interviews it also had picture strips that were based on lots of stuff ranging from Garfield to 5 Star. As in the 80's band. I kid you not.

Anyway, when Count Duckula aired on ITV in 1988, a comic strip based on it was bound to follow in Look-In, and most of the time it had two pages of a comic story in each issue. These ran up to 1990. (Read more...)

Celebrity Comics

Now these are more like it. Another comic series from the UK, the artwork in this was miles better, some of which was provided by none other than Alan Case, who boldly illustrated the 1990 and 1991 annuals. There was also more Duckula related content, none of those other stories. (Read more...)

Misc. comics

Additionally, translations of all but the Look-In comic strips were published, notably in Germany by Bastei Comics. The re-prints of the Marvel comic stories underwent a fairly better colour job, though the text in all stories was less comic-like. There is also a Spanish comic published by Division comics that was possibly sold in Mexico in 1992, but at the moment I have no idea on whether the stories in these are new or again, reprints of the previous ones. (Read more...)