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Sep 09 News - The 'universal E.P.' is now out and available to buy on iTunes, Amazon, and in CWNN shops - Standout (Salisbury), Spillers (Cardiff), Rounder (Brighton), Action (Preston), Cool Discs (Derry).

'The Mag' Review:

It starts off strong with 'Come Home' - an unusual arty acoustic-led track with a few surprises. 'Le Transmission Terminale' is a strange fairground track with an accordion and an odd sounding vocal. 'Where People Are Going To Be' is a bouncy song that has hints of The Divine Comedy and 'Easy Origins' is a cinematic composition with scuzzy vocals and, eventually, a really good beat.

The vocal is far from the strong point of this record and will perhaps be the one thing that prevents mass appeal for The Boy From Space, but if they added a sweet vocal to their record they'd probably sound a bit too much like Sixpence None The Richer. This is a band aiming for the left-field so they won't be disappointed that a lot of people won't get it. Those that do get it will be avid fans.


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Aug 09 News - The Loop Recycler have used a boy from space  sample (from 'I Don't Know What To Do') for their ace track 'No Double Left'. Check it out here.

Jul 09 News - the boy from space  have hooked up with Award Winning film director Hunter Weeks to supply music for an advert for the QUIZNOS sub chain in the US. The track - 'Come Home' is the first one on the forthcoming 'universal E.P.' out in August.

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May 09 News - the sun has sadly set onthe boy from space 's american dream but they have luckily woken up back on  planet interstella  where they are planning to release a new e.p. to promote their new album 'universal '. The EP features remixed tracks from the album and will be released once the masters have come back. Stay tuned for further news!

Feb 09 News - only 4 weeks until the album's release. Check out the Sunset news page for more details or just our Artist page at the Sunset site. We also filmed a video for 'Come Home' in Brighton this weekend which will be out soon!


Jan 09 News - the boy from space  sign to Sunset Records in the US

Their album 'london paris tokyo space' has a release date of 24 Mar 09

More to follow...


Dec 08 News - The new single - 'it's so easy' is now available to buy on itunes or at the Interstella shop:

Also available at 'Stand Out' - Salisbury, 'Rough Trade' - London, 'Rounder' - Brighton, 'Spillers' - Cardiff, and 'Action' - Preston

Listen to 'It's So Easy' on Radio Rhine-Welle on Feb 1st:

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Simplistic electro undercurrents provide a charming foil to the boyish vocals as The Boy From Space duo ooze out their 'sticky' songs with no respect for compositional ethics. Their songs, as shown again here, always seem to have big popish hooks and they deliver said songs with an elegance that belies their diminutive form. 'It's So Easy' though can't be called 'radio-friendly'; oh it's catchy alright but, the liberal use of expletive will exclude 'It's So Easy' from radio play-lists. However, there are still two other similarly weighted songs accompanying 'It's So Easy' - 'Don't Call Me Sir' and 'Origins Of The Sound Of The City'; the former definitely fit for the air-waves, the latter, rather more unusual, but also 'broadcastable'.

The Boy From Space is duo Marshall Ward (singer) and Frant (guitar, bass) and with a little help of some 'horns', samples and other modern niceties the guys make their infectious blend of pure-pop music that's as obvious as it is succinct. So, The Boy From Space don't exactly push at the envelope, rather they utilise pop simplicity and rely on likeability to make their distinctive sound. Oh, it works alright!! The Boy From Space make the most of their openly commercial pop-sensibilities and keep coming up with the goods.

review by Toxic Pete - www.toxic

SOUNDS LIKE? It’s always big news when some tin pot nation like China, chuck another dustbin into orbit, but when a couple of brothers from an undemanding and largely undelivering county like Wiltshire drop a few tons of pop-rock brass, bounce and nous from their airlock...

IS IT ANY GOOD? It’s top. They’re probably a bit posh (Wiltshire) but ideally placed to rip the arse from the Levellers with some artfully self-aware agi-pop on “Don’t Call Me Sir” and well enough funded to go space rocky-rural indulgence beauty with “Origins of the Sound of the City”.

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Apr 07 news -  EP SOLD OUT!!!!! There may be a few copies hanging around the record stores listed below (click on the names on the poster below for shop contact details).  


Jan 07 news - tbfs  played on Radio 1. Hear 'Wouldn't You Rather Be A Winner' appear on Huw Stevens show 11/01/07 and 18/01/07!

Described by Bracken as:

A short burst of - dare I say jazz? I do dare - jazz-tinged instrumental hand-clapping catchy-as-an-edge-to-slip loveliness opens things up, followed by an electromagnetic ditty all about customer service. It’s all rather diverse yet oddly cohesive and splendid.

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The e.p. is shared with New Jersey act Schizo Fun Addict and is currently being played on American college radio station 'WRSU' (11.00pm onwards English time!) as well as on XFM Manchester.


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The second single 'don't call me sir' is now available to buy from and at  Rough Trade (Covent Garden). See  'Classic Songs' for details...or read the Vanity Project review below...

The Boy From Space – Don’t Call Me Sir (Interstella)
A bold drum motif, perky but polite brass, a sarcastic Half Man Half Biscuit cadence, car chase squalling and a chorus with ‘I Could Be So Good For You’ barra’ boy charm. Can’t go wrong. ‘In Possession’ is a more loopy ambient effort, while the Belle & Seb nursery hymnal ‘Where People Are Going To Be’ closes a distinct playful single. Skif

Residents of the deeply unfashionable town of Stoke on Trent but named after a 70s kiddie cult TV show, The Boy From Space clearly aim to put the fun back into pop music. There's a cartoon-like dance friendly Britpop feel to Don't Call Me Sir!, an anti-monarchy tirade set to big drums, parping horns, girlie harmonies and er car crash sound effects. Clearly like all bubblegum the flavour doesn't last but pretty tasty for a while. Fans of Saint Etienne will also enjoy track 3, Where People are Going To Be, which resembles a chiming soundtrack to two Frenchmen doing the mashed potato down Primrose Hill. Farout! Paul M



The debut single from the boy from space  - 'if i was crap like you ' is  still available  on CD or Vinyl

interstella - the home of groovey sounds

You can also check out the boy from space  at myspace:




Our live bassist Stuart 'Monkey Monastry' Barr also stars in the Ultra-groovey Arjuna Fights.


All our recording is done at ‘Fluke Productions’ in Dalston.