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Juniors        (Adults click here)

If you are a boy or girl and can skate, then you can play hockey at Streatham in our junior teams. Don't worry that you may not be good enough, because the coaches will assess your skating ability to ensure you can join in safely, and if you're not quite there yet they'll show you what to practice. Our youngest players are around 5 years old, but most start a little later than that. We are always especially keen to recruit new members aged 7 to 9 years.

Come and watch us training on Mondays from 6pm. Several team managers are always there and will be delighted to introduce you to the club and arrange a time for you to begin your trial. If you're joining the Under-12's we do not expect you to know anything about ice hockey when you start, nor do we expect you to be an expert skater, though you need to be able to go forwards and backwards, turn and stop to join in. In the older groups you do need to be a good skater to join the Club, probably with some experience at roller hockey, or you just won't be able to keep up with the rest of the team - remember that most of them started before they were ten. Have a look at some video clips of the club training and you'll get some idea of what is required at the older levels. Please see our Contact us tab for team manager details, and get in touch. Most age groups have training twice a week starting from 6 pm.

Unfortunately, ice hockey is not a cheap sport. A full set of equipment, from skates to helmet, will leave you little change from 400 if you were to buy new. However, there's no need for that because there is secondhand kit available from other club members or on eBay to get you going. Although the Club is non-profit-making, we have to pay to use the ice so club fees (and compulsory registration with the English Ice Hockey Association) comes to about 60 per month through the season, and that's the cheapest in the league.

It really is worth it. If you want to play the fastest team sport on earth, come and see us during training at Streatham Ice and Leisure Centre on Monday after 5pm, or email us on IWantToPlay@StreathamIceHockey.com. If you include your date of birth we can be more specific in our reply. We also have a player information pack that you can download from our Documents page.


The Streatham rink also hosts the very successful recreational hockey team - The Chiefs - run by Jimmy Gardner. He has a fairly open training session on Thursday evenings and another on Tuesdays for the core of the team. If you want to come along, ring Jimmy on 020 8679 8926. Ex-Redskin Barry Spours has started training a new rec team on Friday nights, the Night-Wolves. You can contact Barry here.

The Storm have a team in the Women's Premier League and another in Division 1. They welcome players of all abilities. For more information you can email them or ring Claire on 07790 409 102.

Finally, if you are very good and  prepared to commit yourself to serious League hockey, you may want to approach the Redskins. You can email the manager to discuss a trial session.

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