Streatham programmes from the past

Mikael Uhlin has a site dedicated to the London Lions team of 1973-74. He has pointed out that our 1978 programme cover uses the same cover as the Lions' autumn 1973 edition (with the winged lion edited out) and the 1980 programme is based on a Koho advertisement which appeared in the Lions programmes. Those of you who like this old trivia will love his site:
















1984 - note the game sponsor!

I am endebted to Trevor Boyce for these two programmes. The first is from Streatham v AC Camel (Stockholm) on 29th December 1973. Streatham won 4-3. Ice time was at a premium and the duration of the game was 90 minutes including stoppages. At this time most of the face-offs were late night, so this 7.30pm start was a rarity.

This rare programme is from the England v France game at Streatham, Wednesday February 5th 1936 at 8pm.

Mike Baker lent me this programme from 1949, a period before the team became known as the Redskins. Streatham had Keith Woodall in the net with Art Hodgins, Zip Thompson, Doc Brodrick (C) and Paddy Ryan in defence. Playing forward were George Drysdale, Elwood Small, Kenny Campbell (A), Jimmy Campbell, George Edwards, Dave Miller, George Baille, Johnny Sergenese, Bud MacEachren and Mike Yaschuk.

Andy Jackson, who worked in the rink in the sixties, has sent me these two flyers that seem quite extraordinary now. Still, we did play Team Ireland within living memory! Note the old phone number Streatham 7861, which was in use into the 1980s.

Team America     Team Switzerland
1949     1955  

Seeing these, Martin Harris was prompted to send me this programme from 1933.

Jon Lazzeri has been kind enough to scan some pages in from this old programme.

My thanks to Jack Tarczycki for lending me the following programme. I thought that fans of the current team would be interested in the team list. Remember that this is three years after the Redskins had folded and there was a void in senior hockey at Streatham.

And here is what I take to be a page from a programme in the 30's.

Here is a ticket from 1948 (pretty pricey for those times) and a book of matches, probably from the fifties.


An advert dating from 1947.

Adverts from the Heineken League

I am very grateful to all those who have troubled to email me with the details that annotate the pictures above. If you can supply further information on these images, or want high-resolution copies, or you can supply more yourself, please contact