Photos from the past      

Eileen Banks (nee Whatley) has sent me photos of some of the 1952 team. Eileen's Mum was landlady at Minehead Road, Streatham, to a lot of the Canadians who were introduced by Red Stapleford. They were keen supporters.

Don Callaghan    George Drysdale
Don Callaghan and George Drysdale.

Gordon Callaghan    George Edwards
Don Callaghan again (I have him as Gordon on this photo) and George Edwards.

Joe Frechette    Joe Frechette
Two pictures of Joe Frechette.

Don Callaghan    George Drysdale
K. Campbell and Keith Woodall.

Some photos from team weddings.

Top: Gordie Callaghan and Bill Winemaster.
Next row left: Ray Maisoneuve marrying Josie (1952). Right: Jack Leckie and Gordie Callaghan at Ray and Josie's wedding.
Next row left: Bill Winemaster marrying Maureen (1953). Right: Vic Krekelwitz marrying Sylvia (1953).
Bottom: Vic and Sylvia with Don Callaghan, Art Hodgins and Vic Fildes.

And here are some sketches from the same era.

Sketches    Sketches Sketches    Sketches
Here are four sketches by Patricia Inglis (now Newman) from around 1953. Sergenese and Maisoneuve played for Streatham and Gagnon played for Earl's Court. Click on the images to download hi-res copies.

Em Revel

Em Revel

"When I decided to bring senior hockey back to Streatham in 2003, the first person I contacted was Em. At that first meeting he was thrilled and excited at the possibility of a comeback. Em had tried before, during the ten years in which there had been no senior team. He'd  spent a lot of time and money, along with others, to try and get the team going again and it only didn't happen because the rink owner moved the goalposts each time a deal was about to be struck. So when I told him of the idea to bring the 'Skins' back he didn't hesitate and put his full support behind us. It would have been impossible without him.

"At that first game, he was with the just as fantastic! Margaret and the rest of the shop team were there. It was as if no time had passed and it took me straight back to the glory days.

"People like Em and Margaret are so valuable and are taken for granted, week in week out. They put so much time into fundraising for the club and we owe them so much! They are more important than any top scorer or any league winning coach.

"I am gutted that I won't see him at the rink anymore. He's someone you just can't replace and not just because of all he did but as a good friend and a bloody nice bloke! I can speak on behalf of the club when I offer our love and support to Margaret, Tracy and the whole family.

"Em, I am gonna miss you mate!"
Tribute from Adam Goldstone (Director of Hockey) to Em Revel, a revered Streatham Redskins fan who died suddenly and tragically on 1st December 2008.

Craig Melancon   Craig Melancon
Two pictures of everyone's favourite and star of the Redskins v Whitley Bay CD that's available from the Supporters Shop - Craig Melancon. See him in the 1985-86 squad photo on our team pages.

USA v Canada
Thanks to Liz Forsyth Lovell for sending me this photo (and newspaper item on the 1934 Streatham team). This is probably the game that goes with the 1933 programme.

Michael Rowley has sent in this photo of his grandfather, Brian Cummings, dated around 1959. The sponsor (Climate Control) seems very contemporary! Michael's also sent in a team photo from the same period, which appears on the team pages.

Frank Trottier's son David sent in these photos of the team larking around in the 1930's, and also one of his Dad who was one of the great players of his time.

Adam Goldstone has sent me six photos of the Redskins in the eighties.
Darrin Zinger shooting at goalie, Gary Stefan to right of net.

Tony Goldstone (No.7) carrying the puck, Trevor Cogan in the background. The three players in white are Murrayfield Racers. Derek Hodgkiss has kindly been in touch early in 2010 to say that "the three players around Tony from Murrayfield are Chris Kelland (21) who has the shortest stick in the world and still plays rec for London Fire and Ice, Jock Hay (10) and Paul Pentland (20) playing for Edinburgh rec teams".

Left to right: Tony Goldstone, Mark Nicholls, Darrin Zinger, Gary 'Moose' Cloonan, Mark 'Bulldog' Howell, Peter Quiney.

Tony Goldstone (No.7) in front of the net and Gary Stefan (No.17) to the left of net. Note the packed house with people crammed on the stairs which used to run up to the balcony.

Craig Melancon (No.20) passing the puck.

Darrin Zinger (No.19) releasing a slap shot.

Steve James played for the Redskins from 1983-1990 then he went on to play for Lee Valley Lions, later running that club for a number of years. His stats for his Redskins time, excluding the 1984-85 season for which I have no stats, were GP 233  G 14  A 93  PIMS 215  PTS  107. He also played for the Streatham Bruins in the 1983-1984 season (GP 14  G 4  A 3  PIMS 30  PTS 7). He was known to Redskins fans as Mr Consistent. He was always very loyal to the club and a gentleman on and off the ice.

This Streatham pennant dates from the mid-sixties.

Tim Lappin talking to coach Red Imrie. Tim played for St Lawrence University in the NCAA before coming to Streatham in the 1988-89 season. In 14 games he scored 25 goals, 16 assists (41 points) and had just 4 minutes of penalties. Other names on the team that season include Warren Rost, Peter Quiney, Adam Goldstone, Peter Collins, Trevor Cogan and the late Mike Pelletier. Netminding was handled by John Noctor and Barry Spours! Tim was sacked and went to the Richmond Flyers were he scored 22 goals and 9 assists in 7 games with 2 more penalty minutes.

Vincent Lukac, who played for us in the 1990-91 season when we were in Division One. He played 28 games, scored 71 goals and 51 assists (122 points), and collected 30 penalty minutes. The team’s final result in that season was 7 wins, 32 losses and 2 draws. We scored 198 goals but conceded 291. We finished second from bottom but at least we were above the Lee Valley Lions!

This photo dates from the 1988-89 Heineken Premier League season. The Redskins finished second from bottom, played 35, won 8, lost 26, drawn 1, scored 201 goals and conceded 320, points 17. Chris Tamowski is the defence man in front of the goal. He played 31 games, scored 49 goals, assists 40, points 89, penalty minutes 94 and, in the opinion of some, he was one of the best defence men ever seen in a Redskins shirt.

The player behind the goal was Kurt Wickenheiser (forward). He played 34 games, scored 85 goals, assists 59, points 144, penalty minutes 69. He holds a record for the most goals in any one game which was 7 vs the Dundee Tigers on 25th October 1988. As to date, no-one has ever broken this record in a Redskins shirt. The other import for that season was Mark Didcott player coach - he is not in the picture).  He played 32 games, scored 17 goals, assists 30, points 47, penalty minutes 83.  He played one season only, and the next season he went to Richmond Flyers.

Mike Pelletier played 7 games, scored 2 goals, 7 assists and 16 minutes in penalties in the season 1989-1990.  He was then released from Redskins in the early part of the season and went on to play for the Richmond Flyers.  His stats for Richmond were played 18 games, scored 12 goals, 28 assists and 24 minutes in penalties to help them stay in the old division one.

Mike was one of the thousands who died in the Twin Towers 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001, just one of so many tragedies.
Thanks to Mike Baker for the above photos and information

Doug Merkosky in action around the net, c1984. We used this for the covers of our 2003-4 programmes.

A very young Peter Quiney (left) and Barry Gage. Harry Pizzey (trainer) is in the background.



Tony Goldstone, c1984

... and little brother Adam

My thanks to Debra Buckland for the following four pictures.

Mark Howell playing away.

Redskins warming up at home.

Robin Andrews and Gary Stefan at home.

Trevor Cogan and Richard Bacon (away).
Archie Stinchcombe was born in 1912 and started playing for Streatham in 1935. In 1936, he was a member of the Great Britain team that swept all before them in winning the European and World Championship titles together with the Olympic Games gold medal. He continued his national team exploits playing in the ’37 and ’38 European Championship winning squads, and went on to captain his country in the 1948 Olympic Games campaign. Remarkably, he achieved all this with the sight of only one eye, the other having been damaged in a boyhood accident. More information here.

Three Streatham players were among the first in the post-war "100 Goals Club".

I am very grateful to all those who have troubled to email me with the details that annotate the pictures above. If you can supply further information on these images, or want high-resolution copies, or you can supply more yourself, please contact