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All the information I've found about the lentographs of Victor Anderson 3D Studios, continued.

On this page, some mention of frames, also links to some other websites
which better explain the whole lenticular process.
There is very little information about Victor Anderson himself, so if you know any more please let me know.

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I believe the lentographs came unframed - I have seen some examples in shrink-wrap plastic,

{short description of image}

but I am not 100% sure if this is how they might originally have been sold. On the reverse of some examples there is a printed notice about care and cleaning. This contains a reference to a "clear plastic sheath".

{short description of image}

In general they appear in custom frames, some nowadays in evidently non-contemporary framing.

You could also put your lentograph in a frame with either a picture light built-in,

{short description of image}

...or even with a back-light.


I would say most appear in either plain wooden frames,

{short description of image}

or in period white plastic/wooden mouldings.

{short description of image}


Some general 3D links, mainly commercial sites, most have additional links as well.

http://www.depthography.com/31.html - An interview of Victor Anderson
http://www.big3d.com/awardbooth.shtml - Tim Anderson, Victor's nephew, is in the 3D industry
http://www.didik.com/3dcd.htm - History of Vari-Vue, lenticular pioneer
http://www.depthography.com/index.html - Contemporary commercial site
http://www.linkspider.co.uk/Business/MarketingandAdvertising/Advertising/PromotionalItems/LogoItems/LenticularandHolographics/ - More links to commercial sites
http://www.ppg-inc.com/times/LA_Times.pdf - A pdf file from the LA Times with some history

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