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Lentograph - new page about Victor Anderson's 3-D lentographs
The Institute of Official Cheer - including The Gallery of Regrettable Food, and The Grooviest Motel in Wisconsin
All My Life For Sale - how John D. Freyer sold everything he owned! - everything Stephanie bought in 2001 (yes, everything!)
I Like... - brilliant collection of likeable things
Tretchikoff - the green lady and other stuff
J H Lynch - mysterious artist
things magazine - new writing about objects
The Sonic Memorial Project - audio archive of the World Trade Center
Who Would Buy That? - auction oddities from around the world
Nobody Here - visual games and quirky art
Meowmory - the kitten memory game!
Genie's Fab 50's - 70's Textile Pages
PSB Gallery of Thrift-Store Art
The Tacky Postcard Archive
The Midwinter Directory - Archive of Midwinter Shapes and Patterns
Found Magazine - Online Gallery of Found Art and Objects
HalfBakery - ideas for a better world.
Tex Avery - crazy animation!
Lonely Socks - a poignant site
Numeral - online art by John F. Simon, Jr.
TV Annuals - from the A Team to Z Cars


Irish Theatre Online - Searchable directory of Irish Theatre
The British Theatre Guide
Auditoria - Technical info of all the theatres in Ireland
Irish Playography - database of new Irish plays produced since 1950
Belfast Arts Directory Online
The Beat Initiative - Carnival arts in Belfast
Prime Cut Productions
Tinderbox Theatre Company
The Bardic Theatre
Lyric Theatre, Belfast
Replay Productions
Market Place Theatre, Armagh
Big Telly Theatre Company
Production Services Ireland

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