Great Central Railway : Loughborough

Visited : Rode the whole length of the line - '97
                Loughborough only - January '00
                Loughborough & Quorn - August '00

Their Website :- Great Central Railway


Great ride. Themed stations. 'Main Line' feel. One of the best.


Loughborough Station

Loughborough Central Station

Loughborough Central
Quorn & Woodhouse
Quorn & Woodhouse Station

Quorn & Woodhouse Station

Leicester North


8 Miles taking 29 minutes each way.


A large number of big engines.  When I last visited, I saw an 8F and a 9F running, with others, including diesel railcars, in the sidings.

Rolling Stock

Nicely themed carriages in proper livery.  They were running nice long trains with proper dinning cars.

Engine Shed

Sizable, but not allowed in.


Three small rooms full of pictures, nameplates, silverware etc at Loughborough.

Quorn is set out as it might have been during the war - the station master's office and the NAAFI tea room is like a museum in itself.


Main shop at Loughborough had a nice array of things.

Emporium at Loughborough was an interesting 'junk shop'.


Not tried, but looked nice.

Simple NAFFI style tea room at Quorn


Not tested

Quorn Signal Box

Quorn Signal Box

Guide Book


Other Facilities

The double track was finished on 1st June 2000.  This means a better timetable and the experience of passing a train going the other way.

In the signal box at Quorn, you can operate some of the local signals !

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