Please take note that since our funding ran out, I (see the contacts page) am maintaining this site myself out of my own pocket, and running this service on a voluntary basis, on my own. I'll answer e-mails or letters when I have time.

I (try to) work normal office hours during the day on all weekdays. I am doing all advice and casework myself as and when I'm able to, as the trustees and other caseworkers have all left the service since the funding ran out (i.e. they've taken jobs elsewhere).

For General advice services, please call me on the listed number, or (preferably) email me. If I cannot resolve your problem(s) over the phone or by email, we'll need to set up either a home visit, or alternately arrange a meeting in town, as we no longer have any office space with which to conduct meetings (the funding cuts again).


You can call or email us for advice directly, on :--

Welfare Benefits, Debt, Housing issues, Relationship Breakdowns, General problems,


or for assistance in :--

Form filling (i.e. Benefit forms; Housing forms; NHS Forms; Trust Fund Grant Applications; Court Forms; or pretty much ANY other type of form)


Moving house/flat.


Please use the details on the contact page.

Much of this site is still under construction. It is intended that it will over the course of time extend beyond the Bedfordshire region and cover the surrounding counties, then the whole country. Some of the assets are usable by people anywhere in the country (such as funding and what to do before and after release), whilst other parts are specific to this county only (such as accommodation).

This site is designed as a one stop, self help resource to aid the rehabilitation and transition of people in, or coming to live in, the Bedford region, after coming out of institutions, be it prison, drug rehab, local authority care, long stay hospitals, armed forces, or any institutional type of organisation where you've been living, or even getting out of a dysfunctional relationship with a control freak (Domestic Abuse).   

You should go first, to the Pre-release or Post-release buttons above, depending on your current situation (i.e. where are you at the moment - inside an institution, or outside having just been released).

On the Advice pages, you'll find links to most of the local organisations that cover just about every type of problem you'll face. There are additionally, links to maps so that you can see whereabouts the organisation is.

On the Employment pages, you'll find links to the jobcentre, agencies, and companies that have said they would be willing to employ people with these types of background but just as importantly, you'll be able to see at a glance, those companies that will not employ you. This will save you the wasted time and effort of applying for jobs you won't get, and waiting in vain for an answer that more often than not will not be sent to you.  Or if you want to start up your own business, or do voluntary work, there's information on that too.

On the Accommodation pages you'll find information on landlords who will accommodate you, and application forms for housing by local authority and housing associations, and advice on how to fill in and what to say on the application forms. You'll also find details of local organisations that will help you out with free or cheap furniture, fittings, clothing, etc. There's also information on Bed + Breakfast places, and hostels.

On the Funding pages, you'll find information on what grants you can apply for on release, various charities and trust funds, bankruptcy fees or Debt Relief Order (DRO) fees , from the DHSS, etc., where and how much money you can get (and from whom) for such things as clothing, furniture and fitting for a flat, tools for work, work related training, education, a car driving course and your driving license if you don't have one, and various other things. There is also information on what NOT to apply for, and advice on filling in the forms.

On the Maps page, you will be able to see the locations of the companies, institutions, agencies, etc, and from that information, you can make an informed opinion on whether it would be worth applying for a job or not, as a result of where the company is located in relation to your home, (i.e. it may be too difficult to get to, if you live on one side of the town and the company you're applying to is on the other side of town, and you have no transport).

On the Links pages, you'll find addresses and locations of, and links to, public and private agencies, institutions, groups, and people that will help you in times of personal crisis if you (or your family) have problems arising from drugs, alcohol, substances, gambling, psychological crisis, or from your situation. This doesn't necessarily have to be you personally in need of help. It might be a relative or family member, as there are links to organisations for partners and family as well.


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