Trust Funds for individuals in need

Please be aware that below the 1st dozen or so entries below, these charity details have not been checked in 2 - 3 years, so may have changed address, or their application criteria, or may have been subsumed into another charity, or closed down entirely.

Bankruptcy Fee charities - click this link for charities that specifically assist with Bankruptcy or Debt Relief Order (DRO) fees.

The application forms for these trust funds, usually need to be supported by a letter from, or administered by, an objective third party "responsible person" such as a teacher, social worker, probation officer, hostel or prison staff member, worker for a registered charity, Citizens Advice Bureau adviser, etc., i.e. someone whose judgment and word they can trust, as they are often the target of the unscrupulous who only want to rip them off for as much as they can get.

To ensure that you have the best chance of getting a grant, there are 2 examples (good and bad) of filled-in Anglian Water Assistance Fund (AWAF) application forms on the downloads page, which you can get to by pressing the Downloads above.

I would advise you to download and study these first, before you attempt to fill-in any applications, as these are from the administrator of the AWTF itself !!

When you fill-in application forms for ANY Trust Fund, the rules are pretty much the same for form filling and what to attach to your application. You generally need an up-to-date full bank statement which shows what welfare benefits you are receiving and what you have in savings (generally - nothing in savings). If you are working, then you'll need to send copies of your last months pay-slips to show how much you are earning. Additionally, they usually want you to attach 3 quotes for each item you want i.e. if you want a fridge, cooker, and washing machine, then go to your local stores (Comet, Dixons, Argos, whoever) and get the prices for a model that suits your situation, but don't go for expensive models, as you'll just get no grant at all. The main pages on the AWTF are 8 + 9 and the Income / Expenditure (I/E). You can attach a copy of the financial statement that you can download from the Downloads mentioned above (filled-in of course).

Some will only accept an application from one of these third parties, and won't send the grant to you directly, but will send it to the "responsible person" to administer on your behalf. Applications for such grants must generally be made by someone who knows the applicant in a professional capacity such as a social worker, health visitor or by a voluntary agency such as Citizens Advice or similar.


If you want to do an general education or training grant search, click here and use the search engine that this link sends you to EGAS (Educational Grants Advisory Service) at the Family Welfare Association below. This link will take you to the EGAS main page at the FWA's website.

Additionally, there is the UnLtd Millennium Award that was set up by the Lottery Millennium Commission, where they give out several million ££'s per year in grants of up to £5,000 per person (or a goup of you) to fund a project that will assist your community and from which you will learn something. It is at - take a look at the Level 1 awards and do a search in the Directory page to see what type of projects have been funded, and see if there was a project on a subject that interests you that was funded. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A REGISTERED CHARITY TO GET FUNDING FROM THIS ORGANISATION.

Essentially, all you need to do is make a list of all the hardware, software, services, etc that you will need to run your own project, and put the costs next to each item. Then write a proposal (a single sheet of A4 will suffice) outlining what group of people you want to help, what type of help you want to give them (i.e. I want to help local teenages who are at risk of being drawn into crime and/or drugs by getting them into producing music / art / whatever which will direct their creative talents thereby facilitating a constructive and creative use of their spare time which could otherwise be turned to crime and/or the use of drugs to escape the local druggery).This website was funded by a similar trust fund.

For some more in-depth material to assist you in what these grants are all about and tips on how to build a proposal to apply for a grant, take a look at some of the resources here

Grants Manager,
Fenton Trust and various others -
Family Action
 Central Office
501-505 Kingsland Road,
E8 4AU
Tel: 0207 254 6251 Monday and Wednesday ONLY between 10am -12noon  and  2pm - 4pm;
Fax: 020 7249 5443;
web site:

Family Action Northern Office
184 Lightbowne Road
Manchester, M40 5EE
Tel: 0161 684 2180

Grant size is in the region of 500 on average, but depending on the circumstances, can be a lot more, (i.e. several £K).
These are one of the very best trusts to get funds from, mainly (but not only) for any education or training needed, as they administer a lot of (40 or so) small trust funds from which they draw small sums to make up what you need.

FWA's priority (but not only) areas for funding are currently:

  • Mental Health: Support to improve the quality of life and reduce isolation for families or individuals (over the age of 18) with mental health problems. Please note supporting evidence of the mental health problem will be required from a suitable medical professional.
  • Domestic violence: Support for those leaving a violent relationship to help rebuild their lives.
  • Refugees and Asylum Seekers: Support available to promote the stability of families and integration into life in the UK.
  • Older People: Support to promote independence, improve the quality of life and reduce isolation for those aged 60 and over.
  • Young People (aged 19 to 25): Support for vulnerable young people to help to establish a stable and independent life.
  • Lone Parents:
    • Support to assist lone parents in need with the cost of children's school uniforms and school trips. (Please note that grants are also available, to a maximum of £200),
    • Support for lone parents with the additional cost of their own education, such as books, equipment, travel and childcare - All applications for this purpose should be made via the Educational Grants Advisory Service.
  • Holidays for Women living in Greater London: Support to provide recuperative holidays for women who are resident in greater London. Download Women's Holiday fund applcaition form.
  • Sickness/Disability: Support available for medical treatment (particularly special treatment), services, facilities or equipment for those who are sick or physically disabled.

Initial applications for welfare grants (as above) must be made by a responsible person using FWA's general Grant Application Form. For a copy of the Grant application Form click here. Please note that the information requested must be provided on the form; appended documentation will not be accepted.

They cannot help / Funds are not available for:
  • Council tax arrears
  • Debts (except utility bills)
  • Fines
  • Funeral expenses (including associated expenses, such as headstones)
  • Gifts (such as toys for birthdays, Christmas or other festivals)
  • Items already covered by statutory funding
  • Private school fees
  • Rent arrears
  • Repayment of Social Fund or other loans

The application process
Applications for welfare grants must be made by a responsible person.

VRF (The Vicar's Relief Fund)
St Martin-in-the-Fields Charity
St Martin-in-the-Fields
Trafalgar Square
London, WC2N 4JH
Tel: 0207 766 1125 (Charities manager direct line - for Advisers ONLY)
Fax: 0207 389 0773
Web site:

The office is usually open Monday to Friday, from 9am until 4pm.

The VRF is a homelessness prevention fund. They offer a rapid response service by awarding small but essential grants to help alleviate housing difficulties for vulnerable people in their time of need. They aim to respond to all applications within 3 working days of them being submitted.
Who can apply?
They do not accept applications from the general public. Instead they rely on support workers employed by agencies working to alleviate and prevent homelessness to apply on behalf of the people they are supporting.  Most of their applications come from homeless charities, local authorities, charity-based housing associations, Citizen’s Advice, and other statutory organisations like the National Probation Service.
How the VRF can help:
They accept applications from support workers for people who :--

  • are currently at risk of imminent street homelessness due to the accumulation of rent arrears or the repossession of rented property
  • are currently experiencing street homelessness or residing in supported accommodation and need assistance in helping to clear historic rent arrears before being considered for rehousing
  • are currently experiencing street homelessness or residing in temporary accommodation and need assistance in gathering a deposit, rent in advance and/or agency fees towards securing new accommodation
  • after a period of homelessness, have recently secured new accommodation and need help setting up their new home with the purchase of either a cooker, fridge-freezer, beds, bedding and/or carpeting or after a period of homelessness, have recently secured new accommodation and need help with their removal costs.

What is the maximum amount you can apply for?
The amount you can apply for is restricted depending on what it is you are applying for; however, they award grants up to a maximum of £350.00.
 How can you apply?
In order to make an application, support workers and the organisation they represent must be registered to the Vicar’s Relief Fund. Please note that they do not accept registrations from volunteers.They don't make grants to individuals applying on their own behalf. As a small charity with limited resources, they rely on professionals like the ones listed below to assess their client's needs and, where appropriate, make an application on behalf of their client.

  • social workers
  • support workers in housing associations, hostels, refuges, SureStarts and family centres
  • key workers in rehabilitation centres
  • CAB advisors
  • probation officers
  • CPNs, health visitors and other health professionals
  • clergy, prison and hospital chaplains
  • and staff in other voluntary organisations and caring agencies.

The grants they are able to make are not for luxuries, nor are they meant to simply make people's lives easier (though that happens as a result). Grants are relatively small. Just as important as providing help is how quickly help can be given. They recognise that people in need are in need now : 7 out of 10 grants are sent within 3 days of receiving the request. VRF make grants to more than half of the requests received that meet their criteria.They don't normally make more than one grant per person or family in any twelve-month period. Although the VRF is a small charity, it has a national reach, so they don't want to concentrate limited resources in one area of the country or a single organisation. Please do not make more than one request at a time: it is best to make an application to the VRF when there is a pressing need rather than for routine applications.

VRF is very heavily over-subscribed. Individuals cannot apply on their own behalf, or request application forms for their support workers or advisors to fill out for them. ONLY CASEWORKERS FROM AN ORGANISATION APPLYING ON YOUR BEHALF CAN APPLY FOR A GRANT ON YOUR BEHALF (AS ABOVE)

R.L. Glasspool Charitable Trust,
2nd Floor,   Saxon House,
182 Hoe Street ,
London    E17 4QH
Tel: 020 8520 4354
Fax: 020 8509 8550

Aims: The relief of the poor, sick and necessitous regardless of background, at the complete discretion of the Trustees
300-500 on average, but can occasionally be a lot more, depending on needs.
For people on a low income, to buy basic household goods, clothing, items to make life easier in the home, etc. this charity has a special deal with Comet and other warehouses, so they won't send a cheque, but will instead have the "white goods" sent directly to the home of the recipient, i.e. cooker, fridge/freezer, washing machine, sofa, beds, etc. You cannot choose a specific model, as the ones supplied are basic models.
Applications should include the individuals:

  • full name, age and address of members of the household;
  • a breakdown of household income and expenditure, including any disability benefits and any debts (you can use this Income/Expenditure calculator / financial statement - however, I would advise you to download and first watch the video tutorial of filling in a financial statement which are on the downloads page )
  • information on family circumstances;
  • detail of the need being requested, for example, cooker, washing machine, fridge/freezer, etc.;
  • requests for holiday grants should provide an outline of the proposed holiday, including date, type, location, duration and a breakdown of costs;
  • details of other funding sources approached and other requests.

Take a look at their website which specifies what they will and will not fund. The cheque sent, is never sent to the recipient directly, but to some other "responsible" person to administer its spending.The Glasspool Trust do not accept applications directly from individual members of the public. Only organisations that meet their criteria are eligible to apply (see

Charis Grants
PO Box 42
Tel:  01733 421021
Fax :  01733 421020
Web sites:
You can download the application forms from each of these sites and see additional info
Anglian Water Assistance Fund
British Gas Energy Trust

Npower Energy Trust
EDF Energy Trust Fund
Three Valleys

You may also be eligible for help from either of the following Trust Funds administered by Charis. All five Trusts operate within a shared scheme with a common application form and assessment process. So it is possible to arrange for water, sewerage and / or energy debts to be cleared at the same time :--

The Anglian Water Assistance Fund- you must have your sole or main home within the Anglian Water or Hartlepool Water regions, i.e. homes where water is supplied by either Anglian Water or Hartlepool Water.

Three Valleys – is a Trust Fund which helps their water customers by giving grants to clear water arrears, or help with other essential household bills or costs

British Gas Energy Trust - Scottish Gas Energy Trust EDF Energy Trust - Npower Energy Trust - are all national Trust Funds which helps only current domestic customers by giving grants to reduce or clear arrears of gas or electricity debts - or help with other essential household bills or costs ( called "Further Assistance Payments" - however it needs to be a very good case). Any domestic customer can apply to these Energy Trust Funds which are aimed primarily at clearing energy debt but in exceptional circumstances can help with other bills and costs. The Trusts can help people by giving grants to :--

  1. Reduce or clear some forms of debt, bankruptcy fees;
  2. Help with other essential domestic bills and costs, e.g. bed, cooker, washing machine, fridge, etc.(you can apply for help with these even if you don't apply for help with your Gas / Electricity charges, so long as you are an EDF customer )

The Trusts cannot give you a loan or give you help with bills you have already paid or items you have already bought. In addition the Trusts cannot help you with the following :--

  1. Fines for criminal offences
  2. Educational or training needs
  3. Debts to central Government (tax or National Insurance)
  4. Medical equipment, aids and adaptations
  5. Holidays
  6. Business debts
  7. Catalogues, credit cards or personal loans
  8. Overpayment of benefits
  9. Deposits to secure accommodation

By signing the Anglian Water Assistance Fund (AWAF) application form you give your consent to be considered for assistance from any of the trust funds administered by Charis.

See also the example copies of filled-in good and filled-in bad application forms, which should guide you through making an application with a better chance of success.  These examples are also good for giving you an idea of how to fill in application forms for other Trust Funds / Charities, as these forms are exactly the same forms (except for the front page titles, more or less) as used by the British Gas Energy Trust, the EDF Energy Trust, the Npower Energy Trrust. as well as a few other water companies.

Rowland Hill Fund for ex-postal workers
Royal Mail
5 Almeida Street
London N1 1AA
Telephone: 0800 232 1762
Web :
Email :

Do You Need Help or Advice?
If you need financial help or support call their Helpine on 0800 6 888 777 (option 4)

Can you apply for help?
YES, if you have worked for, or are currently working for:
Royal Mail (RM)
Post Office Ltd
Parcelforce Worldwide

Eligibility Criteria
Working - you must have completed 6 months service, either full or part time.
(They are not able to help casual workers).
retired - you will need to be in receipt of a Royal Mail Pension.

No longer work for Royal Mail and under retirement age - but will get an RM pension when you do.

If none of the above apply, you must be able to prove that you were employed by RMG.

Savings less than £12,000.
What Happens When You Ring 0800 6 888 777 (option 4)?
You will be in contact with a trained adviser who will arrange for a telephone interview, lasting about 40 minutes. You will be asked about :--

  • What you are applying for
  • Details of income, expenditure and any savings
  • Documentary evidence that supports your application, including recent bank statements, details of your Royal Mail service, medical evidence and cost estimates, if appropriate.
    The advisors then prepare a report detailing your position and, with your agreement, they then forward the report to the Fund for consideration by Trustees.

Help they offer - the Scope of their Assistance

The Fund's principal objective is to alleviate financial distress, and there are no hard and fast rules defining the amount of assistance that may be offered. The requirements of each case are considered in the light of individual circumstances. People may qualify for assistance whether or not they are eligible for State Benefits. However, most of our beneficiaries have limited means, although we would expect that all statutory entitlements are being received by individuals prior to seeking additional support from the Fund. Generally, assistance will be in the form of a non-repayable one-off grant. Regular help may be available in the form of a monthly grant but such grants are dependent upon net income levels.


In order to gain assistance from the fund you must meet the applicable below criteria :--

  • If you are employed by Royal Mail, Post Office Ltd, Parcelforce Worldwide or General Logistics you will need to have completed 6 months service, either on a part time or full time basis, before being eligible for help from the Fund. We are not able to help casual workers.
  • If you are retired you need to be in receipt of an occupational pension, either in your own right or as a widow/widower.
  • If you left the organisation before retirement age you must be a deferred pensioner to be eligible for help. That is you remain a member of the pension plan, and will receive a pension on reaching retirement age.
  • They are also able to help direct dependants of the above.

Advice and Support

We work very closely with Royal Mail Group’sadviceline, HELP, who can provide advice in a number of areas, not just financial advice. For example they are able to provide advice on benefit entitlement.

HELP is a completely independent andconfidential service and is available to serving and retired staff. They act as our caseworkers and are the contact point for both staff and pensioners.

If you are in need of financial support and think you might be eligible for assistance from the Fund then please contact HELP on 0800 6 888 777.

If you know of a work colleague or Royal Mail Group pensioner who you think may be in need of financial support, do let them know about the Fund and how we can help those in times of need.


The Secretary,
SVP (The St Vincent de Paul Society)
5th Floor,
291-299, Borough High Street,
London, SE1 1JG
Tel: 020 7407 4644
Fax: 020 7407 4634
Email: or
web site:
Anyone in need in England and Wales. Grants are only offered following a visit from a member of the society. Small one-off grants towards food, clothing, fuel bills or small holiday grants, dependent on local assessment and availability of funds. This can be used for food, clothing, essential items, etc., but not for education. Prison visits take place in some areas.Mrs M.E. Yeats,

J.M. Kinder, Trustee,
Eric Evans Trust,
55, Thornhill Square,
London, N1-1BE
Tel: 0207-607-4517   750
The recipient must live in London or East Anglia, for educational / training grants which must be linked to sports in some way. Applications are considered every 3 months.
Jayne Buchman,
Rivendell Trust,
PO Box 19375,
London, W4-2GH
Tel: 0208-994-9809   1K
Preference is given to prisoners and ex-prisoners and the disabled- but you CAN'T pay ANY course fees with this grant, but you can apply for one for books, videos, essential equipment or specialist clothing, tools, travel costs, etc.. The trust also aims to support individuals who are musically gifted but need financial help
Mrs R. Fellows, Secretary,
Gane Trust,
6, Sabrina Way,
Stoke Bishop,
Bristol, BS9-1ST
Tel: 0117-968-4266    500
For crafts, social welfare, and architecture / design courses, or activities. A letter to above, along with a CV, details of the course or activity you want them to fund, and the financial reasons for the application.

Charities Officer,
Skinners Company Charities,
Skinners Hall
8, Dowgate Hill,
London, EC3P-2SP
Tel: 0207 213 0562
These charities consist of a number of small trusts, each of which has different eligibility criteria. In general the trusts support the needs of single, older women. Applicants should be in receipt of a state pension or be an adult with a disability and receiving relevant benefits. One of the smaller trusts supports male applicants, although very little funds are available from this source.
Lawrence Atwell's charity - to assist people aged 16-26 with grants of £200 to £1,500 for vocational training The charities welcome initial discussions about whether an approach should be made.
Click for more info on Lawrence Atwell's charity
frequently asked questions
online eligibility quiz

Mrs Lynn Nenn,
Salvation Army,
101, Newington Causeway,
London, SE1-6BN,
Tel: 0207-367-4783
Fax: 020 7367 4654
web site:
Only prisoners serving time or shortly after discharge, can get up to 500 for education or training courses. But you can also apply for additional grants for clothing for home leaves, suits for job interviews, work clothing and tools, etc. All grants are one-off, in the form of specific practical assistance such as for needs in the home, or to get, or do, work.
In writing to the divisional director for business administration at the nearest regional office.


Mrs E. Heinink, Trustee,
Tim Rice Trust,
31, The Terrace,
London, SW13-0NR
Tel: 0208-878-7950   1K
For anyone in need, for educational purposes, such as training or course fees, equipment, etc.

Tony Baylies, Secretary,
William Johnston Trust Fund, .
Port of Liverpool Building,
Liverpool, L3 1NW 
Tel: 0151 236 6666

This is for anyone in any kind of "need", but not for educational purposes. Preference is given to the elderly. Application by hand written letter only. Recurrent grants of £650 - £4,000. One-off grants for such things as TV licences and birthdays can also be given

Mr P.D. Godfrey,
Podde Trust,
68, Green Lane,
Gloucester, GL3-3QX
Tel: 0145-261-3563   300-500
Individuals in need involved in Christian work in the UK and overseas can apply. Send a nice letter with full details of what you want the money for. The trust states that it has very limited resources, and what it does have is mostly already committed. Requests from new applicants therefore have very little chance of success.
Willie Docherty, Chief Executive,
Royal Scottish Corporation,
37, King St.,
Covent Garden,
London, WC2E-8JS
Tel: 0207-240-3718
Fax: 020 7497 0184;
web site:
Must be Scottish born and living within 35 miles of Charing Cross, London. The trust gives weekly allowances to older people and one-off grants for essential household items and for training needs.
Applications: On a form available from the corporation by posting (with SAE), or e-mailing / phoning with your contact details including your phone number and place of birth

Director of casework,
Elizabeth Finn Trust,
D.G.A.A., 1 Derry St.,
London, W8-5HY
Tel: 0207 396 6700
Fax 0207 396 6739  
Also on Free Tel: 0800 413 220.
Web site:  1.2K

Elizabeth Finn Care helps people in need whose former careers have been interrupted or ended through physical or mental problems, loss of work and family breakdown or those struggling on low income in retirement.  They can help the person who applies to them, their partner or their children.

They can give grants to those whose former jobs required training that equates to NVQ Level 4 and above. For those people who were working before these qualifications existed there is a wide range of occupations   they have identified which qualify for their support. They help ANYONE who is professional or similar by birth, marriage or way of life and either British and Irish nationality, any age, anywhere, any religious denomination,
The grant can be used for household items to make life easier in the home, etc. This one is good for furniture and household items on release. It can't be used for any type of medical or educational expenses. Other possibilities include :--

  • TV licence and rental/purchase
  • Telephone grants
  • Car expenses
  • Home help costs
  • Gardener
  • One-off gifts, e.g. for glasses, dental treatment, holidays, household equipment, alarm systems.
  • All beneficiaries receive a gift for their birthday and at Christmas.
  • Guide to Grants
  • Grant enquiry form

Louise Pooley
Grants Administrator
Thomas Wall Trust,
Skinners' Hall
8 Dowgate Hill
London EC4R 2SP
Web site:
Directions to individual applicants for grants or loans
Guidelines on awards for individuals

The Thomas Wall Trust welcomes applications from UK nationals only, particularly those who, through adverse or unexpected circumstances, have financial difficulties but who wish to pursue vocational courses or courses concerned with social welfare which will subsequently lead to paid employment., but they prefer this to be a supplement to other sponsorship (i.e. someone else on the bandwagon first with an offer of other money to pay for part of your course, or whatever you're after).
The Trustees require the submission of an online application form completed in full. They no longer accept postal applications and the application form is not available to download. The Trust opens at the beginning of the year to consider courses beginning in September of that year.

A.C. Robinson, Secretary,
Sir John Sumners Trust,
8th Floor, Union Chambers,
63, Temple Row,
Birmingham, B2-5LT   
One-off grants ranging between £30 and £100 for "essentials". The trust will sometimes give an amount towards larger requests if other charities make up the rest. These will also pay your education and or training fees if someone else will pay part of it, such as the one above. Application forms from above.
Andrew Ingrey-Senn, Trustee,
Sure Foundation,
Hobbs Green Farm,
Bedfordshire, MK43-7AB   
For a fresh start in employment for people such as ex-offenders . This is for anyone to get whatever they need to help them out. Education or training - anything goes. But they are a very small charity with very limited funds. This is a Christian organisation, so they prefer to give to people of a like mind.
Trevor. Last,
The Ogilvie Charities,
The Gate House,
9, Burkitt Road,
Suffolk, IP12-4JJ
Tel: 01394 388 746   250
Mainly (but not only) people who are, or have been, teachers or governesses in England and Wales. No education or training grants. Its only for the purchase of items, services, or anything else where there is no official source of help available. Preference is given to those living in Suffolk. The referring agency / responsible person may telephone the trust if there are doubts about their client's eligibility. Applications can be considered at any time.
Mrs D. Jenkins, Trustee,
Michael + Shirley Hunt Trust,
Ansty House
Henfield Road
Small Dole
West Sussex
Tel: 01903 817116
Fax: 01903 879995  10K
Relatives and dependants of prisoners, such as their spouses and children. Grants have been given, for example, towards helping a prisoner with disabilities gain work experience, and to help a prisoner buy essentials for her baby. Education, training fees, etc., whatever. This is a very flexible charity so can be approached for money for other causes.

The Charity Co-ordinator,
Royal London Society

6 Third Avenue,
W3 7RT
Tel: 020 8749 1199

Royal London Society is one of Britain’s oldest charities seeking to assist in the rehabilitation of offenders and the reintegration into the community of those serving custodial sentences or under statutory supervision. The Society seeks to help families and dependents of those who have committed offences and those who might possibly commit offences because of their particular circumstances.Furthermore, the Society seeks to reduce re-offending by providing training and education so that ex-offenders may have a realistic opportunity of obtaining sustainable employment following completion of their sentence. Funding is also provided in such a way as to restore and enhance dignity, self-belief and confidence aiming to enhance the prospects for ex-offenders to contribute to the welfare of the community rather than be a burden on it. The Society funds a number of practical projects with this objective.

Who does Royal London Society support? Grants for long term and life sentence prisoners towards cell hobbies or similar activities that it is confirmed are important in sustaining them through their sentence
What does Royal London Society Support? Offenders /ex-offenders can apply for a grant to be used for training that will significantly increase their employment opportunities
What does Royal London Society NOT support?  Computers/laptops, fees for Open University Courses, text books, travel, personal clothing or furniture of any kind. The Society will not provide grants for the repayment of debts including student loans.
How to apply: Applicants are invited to write to the Co-ordinator of the Royal London Society in the Grant Application Forms
In a request for funding, full details must be provided, together with a breakdown of the costs from the Training Provider. Included in the application must be a letter of confirmation from the Training Provider, demonstrating the Provider’s willingness to accept the candidate for the relevant course. It should be noted that all completed application forms be accompanied by letter of Reference, ideally from the prisoner’s Wing Senior Officer or Personal Officer or the relevant Probation Officer.

Mrs P. M. Blamey, The Charities admin,
Fishmongers Company's Trust,
Fishmongers Hall,
London Bridge,
London, EC4R-9EL
Tel: 0207-626-3531   7 -10K maximum, usually in the 1-2K range,
Can be for any type of training course or education fees, especially for the disabled, but only for people up to 19 years of age. App's are considered in April, September, October, and answers given the following months. No grants for further or higher education.

John Dowling
The Administrator
Laura Ashley Foundation,
3, Cromwell Place,
London, WC7-2JE
Tel: 0207-581-4662
Web site:    2K
Fellowship Awards are aimed at encouraging individuals with truly innovative and workable ideas in fields as diverse as music and design, engineering and physics to bring those ideas to fruition. The Awards are made either under the heading of Science or the Arts.

Due to the timings of the Trustee meetings, please note that it may take 3 to 4 months for you to receive an answer from them.

If you have any queries or require further information please telephone the Administrator. Applicants are actively encouraged to do so before submitting an application.


Mrs Susan Lenihan

The Vegetarian Charity

56 Parliament Street



SN14 0DE
Tel: 01249 443521

     Give up to 1K, for :--

  1. To relieve poverty and sickness amongst children and young persons up to and including the age of 25 who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress and who are vegetarian or vegan.
  2. To educate children and young people up to and including the age of 25 years in the principles of vegetarianism.

This is mainly for the under 21's, but can be used for anything to do with vegetarianism, such as diet supplements and food alternatives.

Mrs Richard Saunders, Chair,
Sheriff's and Recorders Fund,
C/O Central Criminal Court,
Old Bailey,
London, EC4M-7EH
Tel: 0207-248-3277    4K
For prisoners on discharge or for the families of prisoners whilst they're still inside - for such things as household items (furniture, cookers, fridges, pots and pans, etc.) clothing, educational course fees and equipment or books, videos, etc. Application forms are needed (send an A4 SAE) from the above address. They give only to those with a Greater London "area" home address.
The Trustees,
Patricia and Donald Shepherd Trust,
PO Box 10,
York, YO10-4XU     1K
Must "usually" have a Scots or North English home address, and preference is given to "young" people who still live in the north of England or Scotland.
R.J. Percival, Assistant clerk,
William Kendalls Charity,
Wax Chandlers Hall,
Gresham St.,
London, EC2V-7AD
Tel: 0207-606-3591    
Fax 020 7600 5462
5K You need a London area home address.
This is for education and / or training fees and associated costs, and for "RELIEF-IN-NEED"; in other words, to help you out if you're in "serious" need of something
Mr Neil Macleod, Secretary,
A.B. Trust,
80 Gordon Road
W5 2AR
Tel: 0208 998 9337
This one gives, to promote cause of human dignity. These will not give any money directly to an individual, but will give it to any other registered charity to administer on behalf of the individual.
Suzanne Hunt, Administrator,
Ajahma Trust,
275 Dover House Road
SW15 5BP
Tel: 0208 788 5388   25K
For any compelling "social need", health, development (education, or cultural) advocacy, human rights, disability, etc. These will not give any money directly to an individual, but will give it to any other registered charity to administer on behalf of the individual.
Richard Stilgoe,
Alchemy Foundation,
Treveleux Manor,
Limpsfield Chart,
Surrey, RH8-0TL    100K
This will give to individuals, for such things as "individual enterprise", social welfare, penal reform, medical aid, disability, etc. These will not give any money directly to an individual, but will give it to any other registered charity to administer on behalf of the individual.
David Jessett,
Ashby Trust,
2 Church Lane
CV35 8ES
Tel: 01926 624238    50K
Mature students ineligible for state support, young entrepreneurs starting up a business. It can be for education, training, whatever. However, I couldn't find much information to update this one, so its criteria may have changed.
Miss C. S. Gray, Secretary,
Ashworth Trust,
Foot, Anstey, Sargent
4-6 Barnfield Crescent
Tel: 01392 411221
Fax: 01392 685220    10K
This one gives grants for "General charitable purposes". So any well written application letter should do the trick. These will not give any money directly to an individual, but may give it to any other registered charity to administer on behalf of the individual.
R.A. Brooker,
Chownes Foundation,
The Courtyard, Beeding Court,
West Sussex, BN44-3TN
Tel: 0190-381-6699    6K
For training for "personal development", penal reform, relief of poverty, etc. These will not give any money directly to an individual, but will give it to any other registered charity to administer on behalf of the individual.

The Irish Youth Foundation (UK) formally incorporated The Lawlor Foundation on 30 June 2005. This trust fund no longer gives grants to individuals.

Jennifer Jane Wheatley,
Radley Trust,
12, Jesus Lane,
Cambridge, CB5-8BA  

It's not clear whether this charity will give to any money directly to an individual, but if they do, its safe to say that they will prefer to give it to a registered charity to administer on behalf of the individual. They give for :--

Relief of Poverty

G C McAllister,
Scottish Artists Benevolent Association,
2nd Floor,
5, Oswald St.,
Glasgow, G1-4QR
Tel: 0141 248 7411  
0141 221 0417 5K Scot's only

Scottish artists or their dependants in need, not necessarily living in Scotland. Regular or one-off grants according to need, single payments can also be made to cover emergency situations. Grants are mainly given to people who are older or in ill health.

Applications forms from the charity. They should be returned directly by you for consideration in March or October, or at any time in emergencies.

Secretary to the trustees,
Frank Chase Trust,
Kelly's Secretariat,
Washington House,
PO Box 112,
Surrey, RH2-9LT
Tel: 01737 244502
For education and training costs of the unemployed, or for the relief of poverty. Not sure if this one is still operating as there is little info available on it. It might be wise to give them a telephone call first.
Philip Roderick Denman, Secretary to,
The Late Baron F.A. D'Erlanger's Trust,
36 Upper Cheyne Row,
Tel: 020 7823 3432 
People in need, including the elderly, infirm or children. Preference is given to the disabled. £100-£300 - not for debts, student grants or holidays. These will sometimes (but rarely) give any money directly to an individual, but will give it to a registered charity to administer on behalf of the individual such as a CAB, Social worker, or other welfare worker/agency.
The Treasurer,
Henry Smith Charity,
5, Chancery Lane,
Cliffords Inn,
London, EC4A-1BU
Tel: 0207-242-1212     500K gives for any type of employment training.
These will not give any money directly to an individual, but will give it to any other "responsible person" such as a registered charity representative, to administer on behalf of the individual.
Grants administrator,
The Tudor Trust,
7, Ladbroke Grove,
London, W11-3BD
Tel: 0207-727-8522    800K.
These will not give any money directly to an individual, but will give it to any other "responsible person" such as a registered charity representative, to administer on behalf of the individual.

The Clerk,
Goldsmiths Companies Charities,
Goldsmiths Hall,
Foster Lane,
London, EC2V-6BN
Tel: 0207-606-7010    160K.
These will not give any money directly to an individual, but will give it to any other registered charity to administer on behalf of the individual.

Paul Hamlyn Foundation,
18, Queen Anne's Gate,
London, SW1H-9AA
Tel: 0207-222-0601   250K.
These will not give any money directly to an individual, but will give it to any other registered charity to administer on behalf of the individual.

Lawrence S. Fenton, FCA,
Milly Apthorp Trust,
c/o Stoy, Hayward,
8, Baker St.,
London, W1M-1DA    25K.
These will not give any money directly to an individual, but will give it to any other registered charity to administer on behalf of the individual.

Mrs P. Fawcitt, Secretary,
Sir Halley Stewart Trust,
88, Long Lane,
Cambridge, CB4-5LD
Tel: 0195-426-0707     66K
These will not give any money directly to an individual, but will give it to any other registered charity to administer on behalf of the individual.
Carlton Younger, Trustee,
Swan Mountain Trust,
34, North End Road,
London, W.14 - 0.S.H.    
These give directly to individuals, for any training or educational pursuit. Prisoners and ex-offenders are welcome. Grants can be up to 1K
Mrs Barbara Anderson, secretary,
The Cross Trust,
P.O. Box 17,
25, South Melville Street,
Scotland, P.H.1 - 5.E.S
Tel: 01738-620-451.     3.5K
This one only gives to individuals who are of Scottish birth or have a Scots parent. But they do give up to 3.5K for educational or training purposes, mainly for study trips abroad.
The secretary,
Elsie Talbot Bridge Will Trust,
11, St. George Place,
Lord Street,
Merseyside, P.R.9 - 0.A.L.
These give for educational and training purposes, but I don't know what their average grant, or their limit is. They will only reply if you include an SAE, AND a sheet of paper to write the reply on.
E.E. Maule,
Geoffrey Burton Trust,
1, Gainsborough Rd.,
Suffolk, IP11-7HT
Tel: 0139-428-5537    20K SUFFOLK ONLY
Lisa Williams, Secretary,
The Drapers Charitable Fund,
Drapers Hall,
Throgmorton Avenue,
London, E.C.2.N - 2.D.Q          up to £3K
Needs to be supported and administered by a "responsible person".
Liz Coombes,
Mrs L.D.Ropes 3rd Charitable settlement,
Crag Farm,
Suffolk, IP12-3LH      £1K for individuals - £100K for Organisation
This is for education and / or training fees and associated costs, and for "RELIEF-IN-NEED", in other words, to help you out if you're in serious need. A well written application and an SAE for the reply.
Hugh David, Secretary,
Professional Classes Aid Council,
10, St. Christophers Place,
London, W1M-6HY,
Tel: 0207-935-0641     5K - The name says it all
Ann Creighton,
Prisoners Education Trust,
Argyll House,
1A, All Saints Passage,
London, SW18-1EP
Tel: 0208-870-3820     600
The Secretary,
The Grut Charitable Trust
Poole and Co. Solicitors,
Mansion House,
Prince’s Street,
Yeovil, BA20 1EP
People in need, especially children. Grants can be up to £100 apply in writing, and supported by a recognised body/authority to
AH Corin, Company Secretary,
Royal Eastern Counties Schools Ltd.
Brook Farm,
Wet Lane,
Essex, CO4 5TN
People under 25 with special educational needs in East Anglia grants according to need apply via application form or CAB/welfare agency
PC Jackson, Chair
Jay Foundation

North Hill,
Little Balden,
Essex CM3 4TD
People up to 25 years old who are victims of abuse grants of £100-£500. Apply in writing
TKH Robertson,
Glebe Charitable Trust
Tweedie and Prideaux,
PO Box 38078
Wimbledon DO,
London SW19
Young people who are disadvantaged/disabled amounts according to need. Not for higher education fees. Applications via referral – no unsolicited applications

Clerk to the Trustees,
Housing the Homeless Central Fund
2 Evershed House,
Old Castle Street,
London E1 7NU People who are homeless / with accommodation problems grants of £250-£300 Apply via social worker
J Sands,
Society for the Assistance of Ladies living in Reduced Circumstances
Lancaster House,
25 Hornyold Road,
Worcestershire WR14 1QQ
British ladies living alone on a low income grants according to need apply in writing at any time

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