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Latest News

Pan-Stoughton Parking Review



SCA helped organise a series of Community Action Plan meetings at Stoughton Youth & Community Centre beginning in November 2004, to identify and help solve issues that were a priority for residents.  Top priority was Stoughton's traffic and parking problems.  See here for notes from those meetings.

More recently, vandalism and safety have become a priority in parts of Stoughton, but traffic still tops the list for most people.

Funding for these meetings was provided through Cllr Dr. John Hobrough who was the County Representative on SCA's committee at the time, and also a member of  the Guildford Local Committee (GLC).  The GLC determine the priority of SCC road and transportation projects in Guildford Borough.  (Cllr Pauline Searle has since taken over on the GLC.)

SCC Highways Officers attended the Community Action Plan meeting on 17th January 2005 and specifically asked for residents to produce a report detailing the issues and any solutions. 

SCA agreed to produce the report and asked for volunteers to form a Traffic Working Group (TWG) to take up the challenge of indentifying problems and solutions.  Mark Lavender agreed to lead the group, but subsequently handed over to Paul Kassell.

The scope of the report was to cover all traffic and parking issues within the extended Stoughton area and beyond where they are believed to have a knock-on effect.  Of major concern are the many narrow roads, in particular, but not least Manor Road and Grange Road.



Many Stoughton residents contributed to the report.  Through newsletters, emails and word of mouth, residents submitted problem reports with ideas of what they considered to be solutions.  These were all collated into a draft report along with research carried out by TWG.

On 22nd June 2005, SCA held a public meeting at Emmanuel church to discuss the findings and proposed solutions and see what consensus there was.  It was generally agreed that SCA and TWG had done a good job.

A draft version of the report was submitted to the GLC on 21st July 2005 along with a request they instruct Highway officers to help us.  A committee officer summarised the report.

GLC - History and Recommendations.

GLC - Summary of SCA's Traffic Report

There was little progress or help from the Highways Department.

We petitioned the Local Committee again in April 2006.  At our AGM 24th April 2006, we asked for final comments and these are included in the final version, 2.1 submitted in June 2006.

Guildford Local Committee 13th July 2006

Help from SCC Highways has not been forthcoming.  In fact the comments we have received have not been constructive.  Consequently we have written a formal letter of complaint to the council.

A major issue hampering progress is the county council's lack of money.  The Local Committee have a limited budget for what is referred to as Minor Schemes, and there is a long list of project already on the list.  The Highways department say that solving all of Stoughton's problems would exceed the whole of this budget and prefer a 'piecemeal' approach, yet they have done nothing to address any of the issues we have highlighted.

Maureen Bell attended a GLC meeting on May 10th and asked a question about how SCC Highways arrived at the £4m total for ‘Stoughton Traffic schemes’ as published by the Local Committee on 27th March. The temporary SCC Highways Director, Richard Bolton emailed back the next day stating that every suggestion in the report had been costed by the two designated Guildford traffic engineers. He admitted he knew this was not what was required. Maureen had also asked, as £4m is way over the £660k annual budget for our Local Committee, where could such a large sum come from? No response has been given to that question.


The GLC report recommended:

(i) that Officers continue to work with the SCA to resolve as many as possible of the issues they have identified.

(ii) that in due course a package of measures suggested by the SCA be put forward to the Transportation Task Group for detailed consideration and if approved, inclusion in the Minor Schemes programme.

Subsequently SCC have included reference to future measures to improve traffic in Stoughton on their list of minor capital schemes to be considered by the Transportation Task Group, but as yet there is no commitment to timing, details or cost.


See SCA's page on Minor Schemes.


Surrey County Council Transport Plan 2001-2006 Summary

SCC Local Transport Plan web-site


Past and present members of the Traffic Working Group (TWG):

Paul Kassell,

Cllr Pauline Searle,

Cllr Wendy May,

Roger Legassick,

Mark Lavender,

Phil Knapp,

Maureen Bell,

Fred Johnson

Eric Bonner.

The TWG was formally made a sub-committee of SCA on

For the current members of the TWG sub-committee, see SCA Committees page.


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